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San Carlos KSQL to Orbx Half Moon Bay in P3DV4.1

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The newest addition to the Orbx suite of North American airports is the iconic Half Moon Bay, that featured so prominently in the Flight Unlimited Series years ago before FSX swept all before it. This is a quick flight I've just knocked up in P3DV4.1, to showcase the scenery and also how frame rate friendly the whole area is. Despite the complex autogen the fps rarely fell below 30, and my pc is now mid-range. For product information about the new Half Moon bay KFAH Airport from Orbx, you can go to: https:///product/khaf I used the Orbx Lancair IVP for tis flight, which has not been released for P3DV4 due to minor incompatabilities, however as you can see from the video, when installed manullay into P3D it works well. Active Sky Next for P3DV4 also added atmosphere to this video, i used Live Weather from 14 January 2018 which featured some fairly thick haze but luckily no fog or low cloud, often a problem for VFR flying around Half Moon Bay.

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