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General Cargo Vessel "CS FORTUNE" #RioDeLaPlata / "MUJER AMANTE" - RATA BLANCA - Instrumental Cover

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General Cargo Vessel "CS FORTUNE" #PasoBancoChico #IntermedioChannel #PuntaIndioChannel #Recalada #RioDeLaPlata #Argentine #Argentina - Music: "MUJER AMANTE" by "RATA BLANCA" - Instrumental Acoustic Cover. General Cargo Vessel "CS FORTUNE" - Official Number 38872-PEXT3 - IMO Number: 9435143 - Call Sign: 3FPZ3 - Flag: Panamá - LOA: 182,90 - Beam: 28,39 - Depth: 15,29 - Net Tonnage: 12316 - Summer Draft: 10,013 - Maximun Draft: 10,00 - Delivered Year: 2009. FM: "SAN LORENZO" - BND: "SINGAPORE". #ZonaComún #PasoBancoChico #IntermedioChannel #PuntaIndioChannel #Recalada #RioDeLaPlata On this video you can watch: A) Start of the Video with original sound. On upper deck of the General Cargo Vessel "CS FORTUNE": 00:01 minutes. B) Video with the theme "MUJER AMANTE" (by Rata Blanca) Instrumental Acoustic Cover: 00:23 minutes. In this part of the video, you can watch the following vessels: B.1) General Cargo Vessel "BBC COLORADO" - 00:29 minutes. B.2) Container Ship "MAERSK LIMA" - 01:34 minutes. B.3) Tanker "STI GRAMERCY" - 01:46 minutes. B.4) Pilot Boat "SEA PILOT" - 03:33 minutes.   C) Part of #BonusTrack, with original Sound: 07:26 minutes. C.1) @ultrabarqueros #Bonustrack: 07:26 minutes. C.2) #Bonustrack 2: 08:22 minutes. C.3) #HappyNewYear #Bonustrack 3: 09:48 minutes. C.4) @ultrabarqueros #Bonustrack 4: 11:41 minutes. C.5) #Bonustrack 5: 12:14 minutes. C.6) @ultrabarqueros #Bonustrack 6: 13:56 minutes. C.7) #Bonustrack 7: 15:37 minutes. C.8) @ultrabarqueros #Bonustrack 8: 16:07 minutes.   Date: 02nd. January 2017. Since: 0600 Till: 1500 Local Time. You can watch on @YouTube https://youtu.be/CgORy5aQQjQ Special appreciation to the Master of the Vessel "CS FORTUNE", his Officers and all of his Crew. Special appreciation to the Captain of the Pilot Boat "SEA PILOT", Mr. Fernando VETTORELLI and his Bosun Mr. Alexis FONTELA. Special thanks to the Rio de la Plata Pilots, Mr. Jorge VABAGLIO, Mr. Gustavo DA SERRA, Mr. Sergio POTT, Mr. Leonardo STOPPANI and Mr. Carlos LLANOS and the rest of Rio de la Plata Pilots. Music: "MUJER AMANTE" by "RATA BLANCA" - Instrumental Acoustic Cover: You can watch on @YouTube https://youtu.be/CHB8qckQS10 CLARIFICATION: It is not intention of this account, to make money, nor to benefit with this subject or with these musical subjects. This account respects the intellectual and musical rights of the authors and/or owners of the songs, as well as the musical works of those performers. All intellectual and musical rights are exclusive to their owners. Follow us on Social: - Tweeter: https:///ultrabarqueros - Instagram: https://

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