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Rise of Bendy: Please Don't Go (Comic Dub)

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*DO NOT USE FOR YOUR COMPILATION VIDEOS. I WILL ASK YOU TO TAKE IT DOWN IF I SEE THIS DUB ON THERE. THANK YOU.* This was the comic dub I wanted to get out first before the last one, but I had to wait for my voice actor gave me his one-liner for Joey Drew. And actually, because he wasn't doing well this past month, I ended up asking my understudy to take over for him, who's now my new main VA for Joey. Thank you again, Hapax VA, for helping me out with this. I appreciate it very much. This next Rise of Bendy AU comic takes place before the events of the game, when Henry has to leave the studio to fight in the war. It really got me emotional that I had to take the opportunity to dub it. And believe me, those screams were not easy to pull off, lol. Special thank you once again to Doberart for allowing me to dub this. Please go check out her Tumblr for more awesome artwork! (Me) as Bendy Thomas Fears as Henry https://

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