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Tantric Love Making Subliminal HD

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Tantric love making music/subliminal contains the tantric love music, hidden affirmations, tantric lovemaking frequency with binaural. The attraction between male and female is due to opposite pole of electric current. Male and female have positive and negative charge respectively. Due to tantric lovemaking, these charges dance each other and generate a creative output such as create new life, unconditional love, enlightenment, scientific and artistic creation. DUE TO OPPOSITE CHARGE AND UNLIMITED POWER OF PURE ENERGY, BOTH BODIES (OF MALE AND FEMALE) GIVE A GLOW LIGHT DURING LOVEMAKING. THIS IS THE FINAL RESULT OF THIS TANTRIC LOVE MAKING SUBLIMINAL. This subliminal contains all affirmations, frequency, binaural and music for the complete result. The combined effect of these phenomena will make you feel the sensation around the third eye, enable you to breathe deeply and slowly. In addition to this, it may also make you feel warm/heat around the base of the spine and sacral region. AS A RESULT OF DEEP RELAXED BREATH AND VIBRATION ON THE THIRD EYE, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GAIN EXTREME PLEASURE WHILE LOVEMAKING.......MORE THAN THREE HOURS. This subliminal contains basic to advance level affirmations. Few topics included in this subliminal are: - strong pc muscle. - dry orgasm. - preservation of energy. - channel your energy flow. - love your partner passionately. - easily spend 3 hours(first 2 hours and then add 1 hour) - and much more... BEHAVE LIKE YOUR BED IS THE HOME OF GOD AND THAT THE PARTNER IS YOUR GOD. THEN PLAY THIS SUBLIMINAL IN BACKGROUND AND START YOUR PRAY. STOP YOUR PRAY AFTER 2 HOURS FOR SOME MINUTES AND THEN AGAIN CONTINUE YOUR PLEASURABLE PRAY. Some benefits of tantric lovemaking - Unlimited pleasure without loss of energy. - improve the relationship. - helps to get enlightenment. - helps to achieve brahmacharya. - improve health (may cure diseases too) - helps to activate your all energy centers. etc. Some features of this subliminal - contains binaural, isochronic and music with the complete set of affirmations. - doesn't need headphone. - can be listened during lovemaking and others time. - designed for both the male and female - doesn't require a partner

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