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Outcast Bandicoot Chapter 18 Ending - WIP Animation

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And here we have something completely unexpected |D You see..... I have been working on this for quite sometime now and have just now sketched out the last part of Chapter 18 of Tara Mckee's Outcast Bandicoot movie in my own way Don't worry, I got permission to do this, so don't get triggered from me doing this OB Fans lmao Flash was a bitch to work with, but I prevailed in the end and made this blasted thing |'3 The original animation sketch was altered to match the storyboard Tara laid out for the scene Of course I didn't sketch out every part of the storyboard shown in the video, but this part was what I was focusing on the most since..... you know.... blurd |F Crunch was kind of hard to animate at first, especially in Tara's art style... But eventually, I got used to it and was actually comfortable doing it The problem is... I dunno how to actually make everything as fluent and detailed as she does... But I guess I'm gonna have to figure that out soon... otherwise this'll be just another WIP I'll never finish. . . . I'm not sure where the music is from... so I won't mention it here... And I kind of forgot who the voice actors were... so............. yeah lol I will tell you however... that this isn't the last you'll see of Outcast Bandicoot related stuff |D There will be... so much more in the late future |3 WIP Animation belongs to Me / SiscoLink / TheWildChallenger101 / SiscoCentral1915 Outcast Bandicoot belongs to Tara Mckee / TaraCross / Lurking-Leanne

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