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OC Adoption 3 - CLOSED

- HD качество

Here are the rules : 1) When you adopt a OC then you have to whit your OC in 2 weeks something ! Like : a meme , a speedpaint or an Animation . When you don't do anything whit your OC I will take it back and let someone else adopt the OC :p 2) When you want to adopt a OC then you have to write in your Comment : -Number of the OC -Name of the OC -Gender of the OC 3) When you read the rules then write in your Comment " Marshmallow " so I know you read the rules . 1 : Korosu Megami DONE 2 : Korosu Megami DONE 3 : TheLooseskrews 4 : Randomz DONE 5 : HauntetGamerTheBlobfish DONE 6 : Randomz DONE 7 : Korosu Megami 8 : JulieCreepyGaming DONE

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