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Best Vines from lizzza

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For more of the best vine compilations, visit: (Don't ask me what accent that is, I don't even know) Laughing when you're not supposed to be: nose version Before a girl gets her eyebrows done vs. After she gets them done. #amirightladies When you have that itch in your throat and you have to make that weird noise that turns you into a baby dinosaur. Oh hey mom.. I know how dogs feel now.. #happyhalloween Studying for finals... How white people knock vs. Indian people knock. When you're chewing minty gum and then you drink something cold. It's so cold Girls who pretend to act like they know about football. #SuperBowlSunday When you're chilling and then you realize you have homework to do.. #bigeyesiknow Annoying iPhones Am I the only one that gets crunk on these two beats? Safari man spots the rare cheese balls. #cheeseballs

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