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Bare Knuckle III EN Hack (JP Streets of Rage 3): Round 1 (Axel, Normal)

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I’ve already explained a lot in the American equivalent of my video, here, but I can cover a bit more things and differences that the Japanese version kept to itself. Again, this is an English hack of the Japanese version of Streets of Rage 3. The main draw with it is how it translated all of the dialogue into English. So you can enjoy it and whatever other content the US version didn’t have. Axel keeps his white and blue, Blaze keeps her red, and the kid keeps his original name of Sammy, as well as his yellow. Both “Eddie” and “Skate” came from the American version. Before the heroes disarm the bomb, the Japanese version originally had a digital message telling the team to head to the piers where the bomb is located, where they proceed to disarm that bomb as just. This hack's English dialogue spaces the letters closer together and overall feels neater than the dialogue in the American version. ---------- For the gameplay, dodge rolling is actually weaker in the Japanese version, and using an A special without letting the special gauge get full first would hurt yourself even harder. You can still use your B specials like normal, though, and get early access to its upgrades by using certain motion commands with the Z button of a 6-pad controller, such as double-forward, quarter-circle forward, and half-circle forward. Once again, both versions of my playthrough will be on Normal, but the American version's Normal is actually the Japanese version's Hard. So that will have more enemies and give them and bosses more health compared to my Japanese playthrough, here. ---------- Let’s talk about the biggest change of Sta-... ROUND... 1. In the American version of the second part, Shiva would send a bunch of punks after you on his speedboat. HOWEVER, in the Japanese version, instead of Shiva manning the boat, it was originally someone completely different... ASH! No, not Ash Ketchum of Pokémon. This Ash is an intense gay stereotype that somehow got put into this game. Look at how he runs, jumps, and laughs at you. Even his theme song is bizarre for Koshiro standards to highlight this, as it sounds more like a drug-laced Sonic song. This fight with Ash doesn’t exist in the American version. It is one of the biggest cases of censorship that happened to this whole game. Not for lack of trying, though. After you do beat Ash and make him cry like a girl, he completely vanishes from the storyline. But, you can play as him from a Continue if you hold down A after beating him, but you won’t see him again in this playthrough. ---------- The third part of this Stag- I mean Round is to eventually reach Shiva and fight him at the end. No big changes there, but all cover details on changes made to some of the punks you keep having to fight in the next video, namely the women. ---------- See my American Normal run through this level, here!: https://

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