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15½ things I hate about 4chan's /biz/ board

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Greetings, 4chan /biz/ browsers! Snapchat: bizvlogs Twitter: @biz_vlogs https:///Biz_Vlogs Google+ profile: https://plus./u/0/115710790933858711443 Facebook page: https://"business" and "finance" image board. When is Asian moot going to finally give us a sticky on /biz/ to stop with all these "Where do I buy bitcoin?" and "I know nothing about stocks make me rich pls respond" posts? I forgot to mention at 3:16 that ANY FUCKING IDEA YOU COME UP WITH HAS ALREADY BEEN THOUGHT OF BY SOMEONE ELSE. This world has 7 billion people in it, you aren't that special or smart. Of course, everyone has a different vision on executing that idea, and that's what it's all about: execution. Thanks for listening to my autistic rant about 4chan /biz/. Of all the boards on 4chan, /biz/ and /x/ are my two favorites out of the whole forum. And /biz/ is my main board because where else am I going to do money-themed shitposting? Here's to you, 4chan /biz/ - Business & Finance, and everyone who posts there. Let's make 2017 the year of wealth and prosperity.

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