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ThE x AdVOCaTE & ButtersTheBear Comedy Commentary #1

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This is basically a small series to have fun with that both Landan and I are trying to make an every now and then deal to amuse our subscribers and hopefully make you guys laugh. We chose 3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures as our first video because, well, it's pretty random. We may do this weekly or every other week. If you don't really know what we are talking about in some of the video, it's okay, we don't expect you to know really lol. So enjoy the show. Joe: As a side note, I blocked out the gamertag of my current GT in the video because I really am not looking for it to receive any messages or friend requests. I will be playing on my ButtersTheBear GT in future videos. I have a new account which I really won't show because I enjoy people not knowing who I am and I don't run into people anymore who hate on me before a match starts. It's quite awesome dawgs. Landan's Channel (ThE x AdVOCaTE) (ButtersTheBear)

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