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Les Lekin - All Black Rainbow Moon (2014) (Full Album)

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Austria is not a place that springs to mind when considering the heavy psych genre, or indeed any genre if we’re honest but if the standard is as high as this album from Les Lekin promises then we really should be getting over there more. All Black Rainbow Moon by Les Lekin is quite an album. The Salzburg instrumentalist three-piece (founded in 2011) have created a masterful soundscape that stimulates the imagination of the listener, taking you to the depths of terror and the heights of glory. Pained guitars longing to get away from dismal surroundings, fuzzy bass and hard driving drums pushing, pushing, pushing forward, and the journey takes off, moving you forward through strange wind-swept landscapes. The aural adventure lasts for almost an hour (49:10, to be exact). A set of six instrumentals, each built around a heady mix of doom laden riffs, psych blues interludes and a spaced out rhythm section, they all link together as one big jam. With more than a hint of Black Bombaim about them, Les Lekin may not have the bravery to fly too far off the handle just yet but in keeping things grounded they instill a sense of purpose. By not allowing the wayward aspects to take control, it’s is the doom elements that stand out as riff after crushing riff compete to make your head nod the most. There’s an approachability about the music that keeps more heavier tendencies at bay and raises the bar for enjoyment. That’s not to say Les Lekin don’t know when to let loose and when they do they are moments of divine grace which explode from the album. It is at these moments that you are forced to accept that your are in league with an extraordinary talent and that they can only get better. The opening track, simply titled “Intro”, starts your listening journey off like a slow paced, post-apocalyptic walk across a grave-laden, scorched, industrial Earth while suffering from a bad psychosis trip, weighted down with military gear and heavy-duty weaponry. The 6-track soundtrack of All Black Rainbow Moon is all spacey, all doomy, all atmosphere, and no vocals to get in the way. One track bleeds into the next and creates a unified collection of music that can throw you into a state of hypnotic relaxation if you let it. The recording gives you the sense that the band wanted to capture the sound of the room. Imagine the members of Weedeater getting into a slap-fight over dope with the ’73 Hawkwind line-up in a garage studio somewhere. The drum sound is not powerful or dominant but instead distant and eased into the background, while the bass is not booming or heavy but prevalent, steady, and grim. The guitar keeps the band sounding old school heavy and at times psychedelic and trippy. The 10-minute track “All Black” is a favorite track that somehow doesn’t feel all that long. The song conveys a musical story bringing you from lowly lows to rushing highs strewn with dynamic, effect-heavy guitar leads. Soundscapes from Nine Inch Nails’ The Fragile come to mind. The sense of impending disaster is always on the cusp of your mind as you descend into the song. Some of the tracks such as “Useless” and “Loom” take a while to build and can leave you wondering if they ever will get somewhere. At around 2 to 3 minutes in, they gain a pulse, the crew of the space ship realizes that these are their final minutes before burning up in the atmosphere, and a rush of glee and panic ensues. This is the album to pick up if you’re in the mood for kicking back with the headphones on, drinking a few, or smoking a bowl. You can relax to it but it’s heavy and edgy enough that your purist “metal” friends won’t put you down for it. Pick it up! 1. Intro - 0:00 2. Solum - 1:40 3. Useless - 10:07 4. Allblack - 16:44 5. Loom - 26:55 6. Release - 40:11 Support Les Lekin by purchasing the album here ~ https://leslekin./album/all-black-rainbow-moon

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