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Bare Knuckle III EN Hack (JP Streets of Rage 3): Opening, Title Screen, & Prologue

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Bare Knuckle III may at first be a random game for me to go through, but remember that this is the Japaneses version of Streets of Rage 3. It just happens to have a different name in Japan just like the rest of the series. Unlike Streets of Rage 1 and 2, SOR3 got much more aggressive edits and censorship put into it when it got brought over from Japan to the US. I'm going to cover this differences by uploading playthrough videos of different parts of the game in both the Japanese and American versions. To help me out with this, this Japanese version of the game is actually me playing a mod that translates all of the dialogue script into English. Trust me, the script is MUCH different from the official American version's English script. ---------- What was cut out in the American Streets of Rage 3, is an opening that shows a nuclear bomb laying waste to a huge city called Wood Oak City, wounding at least 80, 000 people and killing 30,000 lives. The element 122, a.k.a. Rakushin, was the element that fueled those bombs. It was discovered by Dr. Gilbert Zan of the Syndicate. In the letter scene after the title screen following Axel punching the screen, Blaze sends Axel a letter about how the Rakushin has disappeared from the Killey Research Institute, which was ran by none other than the Syndicate. At the same time, General Ivan Petrov has gone missing, and Blaze believes that this was a part of a plan to create a conflict between the Lima Nations. Axel is to once again lead the Bare Knuckle Brawlers to solve the case of these bombs and find the missing general. Of course, Blaze will join him once again, as well as Adam's little brother Sammy (Eddie/"Skate" in the US), and also a reformed Dr. Zan ---------- In short, the Japanese script is a bit more complex to swallow compared to what the American script had. If you want to see the opening of this game's American version, see it in the link below. I will continue to upload and publish gameplay videos of both the Japanese and American versions of this game in tandem to show further differences they have with each other: https://

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