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SHAMEFUL!!!!!!! No other word for it...NOT ONE!

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"Shameful"? Or is it just me??? (I mean..."I" made this video and "I" can barely watch it!!! I want to cry...but then I "snap out of it" and get SO PISSED OFF...sadness is replaced by anger...enabling me to continue my "quest", to alert and inform youtube about the seriousness of this, and fight to persuade youtube to begin PULLING these videos, which in turn will make, at least some people, STOP uploading them, because they will have lost any incentives they had, to continue! Youtube claims to have "terms of service"...I only want to see them begin enforcing it!) Oh, Before I forget... To the laughing "Grab my face" dad in this video, step away from the baby and come over here... by me.. cause I'm die'n to "play a little game" with YOU, ok? It's called, "how bout "I" grab YOUR face...then slam it into the closest wall...sounds like fun, huh? Well, for one of us, anyway." Babies NEED and HAVE TO be/feel safe and secure in their environment . It's MANDATORY in order for them to grow, develop and thrive. These poor infants, are clearly being emotionally and physically NEGLECTED! PUT THE FRICK'N CAMERAS DOWN AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN!!!! If you are in this video, then you are ignoring, then withholding at least one, if not all of your infant's most primal, BASIC NEEDS! (and there are HUNDREDS of you I didn't have the "time" available, for me to add you to this video. It LITERALLY could have gone on for DAYS!) The labored breathing, the pitch and sense of URGENCY in their screams, coupled with clinched fists, stiffening limbs, violent/jerky movements, ARE NOT the 'normal' response of a healthy, happy, secure infant! These are "baby cues", and the ONLY WAY they can communicate to their caregiver (to YOU) that they are "in need". These newborns are in distress, they are feeling discomfort/pain, frightened...and sick. Your response to these tiny little "strangers, in a strange land", is setting the foundation for the kind of relationship you and your baby will develop...it builds (or doesn't) a foundation of trust, one that will determine not only the relationship you will have with this child for the rest of your lives, but also their feelings of security and safety, they are feeling, right now. I can only hope, these parents are "ignorant" of the seriousness of what they are doing, and the potential long term consequences of their actions, because I couldn't comprehend them doing this, if they knew better. If the latter is the case, then these infants need to be REMOVED FROM THESE HOMES, ASAP! If I've left the link to this video, in the comment section of one of your video's...and you are livid...well, the only thing I have to say is, tough shit! And, if after watching it (which I truly pray you do) you're STILL in "denial" and/or don't want to acknowledge that you are purposefully neglecting your baby... (*denial of Critical Care) and for whatever "reason" you don't believe you're baby is in any "danger", or that you aren't harming them (for LIFE) by continually leaving him/her in a PAINFUL state of physical, emotional and mental distress...well, then I guess I'll just have to accept that the next step would be to hope and pray an appropriate agency is notified and takes action. I will NEVER "be ok " with"anyone claiming ignorance, then not caring enough about their children, to be proactive parents and LOOKING FOR/FINDING the info and/or help that they need, or to READ THIS! (below) "parent " off. Oh, and BTW... I AM A MANDATORY REPORTER....who WILL NOT hesitate to turn your sorry asses in! Nothing would make me happier, than to get these babies into a SAFE, SECURE, HEALTHY, NURTURING, LOVING environment ...and get them, the hell OUT OF yours!

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