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Knex Musical Ferris Wheel : Ebay special!

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So I bought this off eBay for £6 +p&p just to see what Knex was like to build with. This is a huge 3 foot Ferris Wheel with a motor and a musical button (mine was flat). It's not as stable as you would expect from LEGO, but it's a lot bigger and probably a lot cheaper :) I wish the rod that hold the carts in was fixed in place as this leads to a lot of jamming. - Builds 3 working carnival rides - Motorised power and fun carnival music - 8 fun-seeking figures (mine had lost most of their arms?) - 686 pieces - Musical Ferris Wheel build over 3 feet tall! - Color-coded instructions - 2 "AA" batteries (not included) Subscribers : Let me know if there is something you want me to review :)

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