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FE: Light Over Vaima- Episode 1

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Our first official episode! Nyris, Fennel, Ashton, and Trimalchio, off the back of a successful fight against a brigand patrol, go with Lord Mio off to fight their leader. Three new pals show up to help out. Nyris teaches Mio some things he never knew about himself. Fennel hits us with his sultry, blank stare. Trimalchio learns what a spear tastes like. Some rocks battle. We learn of a new lord and savior: capitalism. Ashton just desperately wants everyone to get along. Here's the map used for this session's battle! https://i./zkhXosu.png ____ Follow us on Twitter! https:///fevaimapodcast ____ Check out our world map! https://i./yjUbXlx.png

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