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Zo on PJTV -- Nevada Shooters A Staged Media Conspiracy...You Can't Be a Logical Nazi Tea Partier

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Zo on PJTV -- Nevada Shooters: A Staged Media Conspiracy...You Can't Be a Logical Nazi Tea Partier
Загружен 13 июня 2014
The Nevada shooters are being staged as Tea Partiers and Nazis...but these two ideologies are contradictory! The Nazis were socialists, they wanted a bigger ...

NAZI ZOMBIE GOVN'T CONSPIRACY! South Park: The Stick of Truth (Part 16)
Загружен 8 апреля 2014
Support the video with a LIKE? Thanks! South Park Playlist:

Phama's Creations Custom DripTips and Charms
Загружен 7 апреля 2014
My review of Phama's Creations Custom DripTips and Charms https://

Загружен 16 июня 2014

Iraq Explained in 13 Parts I
Загружен 14 июня 2014
The Iraqi Situation Described in Thirteen Parts: Part 1

Загружен 14 июня 2014

PJTV: Isla Vista Shooter--No Self Control...Also Watch Zo's Moving Story of his Own Teen Rejection
Загружен 6 июня 2014
The Isla Vista shooter didn't say anything about guns, but he did really want to get laid. He probably watched too much porn, and felt entitled to sex. Zo is not ...

Tea Party Pooper
Загружен 28 мая 2014
The Tea Party didn't quite make out as ideally as they'd like in the recent primaries. Zo reminds the Tea Party that, if they'd focus more on promoting ...

Zo on PJTV -- Elton John: You Can Tell Everybody that You're Dead Wrong!
Загружен 8 июля 2014
Elton John says he has an in with Jesus, and that El Cristo said homosexuality is alright. Hmmmmm, maybe he needs a better perscription for those glasses.

Shooters Video #3
Загружен 15 июня 2014
Mix of video and photos for the 3rd video from my footage at Shooters All Season's Paintball. Trying a new video editor, if all goes right I'll be buying it and ...

PJTV - Let's Make a GITMO Deal!
Загружен 10 июня 2014
America has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists. Apparently Obama didn't get the memo. That's understandable. He probably missed it while he was really ...

PJTV - Communism Works, And Ear Wax Is Delicious!
Загружен 30 мая 2014
Whether it's making communism cool and more fashionable than freedom, or whether its the government neglecting our vets indicating how ObamaCare 'is ...

PJTV: Common Core-Attaaaay!
Загружен 3 июня 2014
A good martial arts instructor teaches simplification, not a bunch of complicated processes. It takes much training, but also right training. The right training isn't ...

ZoNation on PJTV - Obama, So Smart He Makes Things Worse...
Загружен 20 июня 2014
Obama was supposed to be the smart successor to Bush. He was supposed to rid the nation of the stupidity of the previous 8 year. But, oh wait...emails were ...

PJTV: Wet Brain?!? Rep. Don Young's Inexcusable Racist Slur
Загружен 4 апреля 2013
Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) used a racist slur to describe hispanics. Hear Zo's scathing criticism of Rep. Young, and why he thinks Democrats should have the ...

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