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WoW - Legion (Beta) - 5man Dungeons - Halls of Valor - Normal (Beastmaster Hunter)

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WoW - Legion (Beta) - 5man Dungeons - Halls of Valor - Normal (Beastmaster Hunter)
Загружен 30 июля 2016
Hymdall still holding the door :D.

WoW - Legion (Beta) - 5man Dungeons -Vault of the Wardens - Normal (Beastmaster Hunter)
Загружен 28 июля 2016
Anyone who played the Demonhunter starting area should have a Déjà-vu ;)

WoW - Legion (Beta) - 5man Dungeons - Maw of Souls - Normal (Beastmaster Hunter)
Загружен 31 июля 2016
If it wasn't for the annoying camera in tight rooms, this instance would easily be the best design wise. Still pretty cool tough, getting insane God of War vibes here ... ...

WoW - Legion (Beta) - 5man Dungeons - Darkheart Thicket - Normal (BM Hunter)
Загружен 18 июля 2016
Some random normal legion dungeon action. 3 demon hunters, 2 dd, 1 tank. priest heal me with my live hunter and bm spec Pretty cool dungeon, like the ...

WoW - Legion (Beta) - 5man Dungeons - Eye of Azshara - Normal (Beastmaster Hunter)
Загружен 25 июля 2016
Amok pulls inc :P Like and sub for moooaaarr blabla ;)

WoW Legion: Halls of Valor Dungeon Guide
Загружен 27 мая 2016
Finally made my first video of the Legion beta, this video is a dungeon guide for 1 of the 4 dungeons you get from level 98-110 currently in the beta, I ...

WoW - Legion (Beta) - 5man Dungeons - Black Rook Hold - Normal (Beastmaster Hunter)
Загружен 1 августа 2016
I think the developers might have watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom a bit too often ;)

WoW: Dungeon "Black Rook Hold" - Beastmaster Hunter 110, Legion
Загружен 7 сентября 2016
Dungeon "Black Rook Hold". Not my favorite Dungeon but it's nice. ▽▽▽▽▽▽▽▽▽ Show more ...

WoW Legion Multibox 5 Hunters Darkheart Thicket Heroic
Загружен 2 октября 2016
Here is my first Legion video with The Inuzuka squad! During the Legion Beta I concluded that a 5dps setup would not have the same success in Legion as in ... ...

WoW - Legion (Beta) - 5man Dungeons - Eye of Azshara - Heroic (Beastmaster Hunter)
Загружен 4 августа 2016
aaand here we go again...

WoW: Heroic Dungeon "Neltharion's Lair" - First Beastmaster, then Survival. 110, Legion.
Загружен 9 сентября 2016
I tried to play BM first. But damage is too low so I switched to Survival. I love BM for questing, bot not for instances. ▽▽▽▽▽▽▽▽▽ Show more ...

World Of Warcraft Legion Beta - Halls of Valor (Dungeon) Demon Hunter Gameplay
Загружен 9 августа 2016
World Of Warcraft Legion - Halls of Valor (Dungeon) Demon Hunter Gameplay.

Legion Alpha - Normal Darkheart Thicket BM Hunter POV
Загружен 14 февраля 2016
First look at the new Legion Normal dungeon Darkheart Thicket with BM Hunter.

Halls of Valor NM Beta Legion POV Druid Heal and Monk Windwalker
Загружен 10 августа 2016
Cámaras del valor en la Beta de World of warcraft Legion. Vistas desde Druida heal y Monje Dps. Música: Frank Nora -

WoW Legion Beta Darkheart Thicket Dungeon - Beast Mastery Hunter POV
Загружен 5 июня 2016
Here's that beast mastery dungeon. Note: currently you can't turn off the grunting noises when you use dire beast/bestial fury. Trust me if I could I would hah ...

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