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What Happened! Thank You Guys! ~ KH Birth By Sleep Critical

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What Happened!? Thank You Guys! ~ KH Birth By Sleep Critical
Загружен 17 октября 2018
I'm still overwhelmed by what happen during this stream. I can't thank everyone enough for being there for me. I Love you guys! Donate here if you would like to ... ...

Keepers of the Arena - KH BBSFMHD PS4 - Ventus Critical
Загружен 9 апреля 2017
This is my first time ever playing BBS, though the ending and postgame was spoiled for me a couple years back. I've already cleared Terra's story but didn't go ...

The End Of Ventus's Story ~ KH Birth By Sleep Critical
Загружен 30 сентября 2018
We made it to the end! It took awhile but we did it! Ventus story is done, next week we start Aqua. Donate here if you would like to support my ...

Command Style Breakdown: Spellweaver, Ghost Drive, & Wayfinder ~ Kingdom Hearts BBS Analysis
Загружен 20 июля 2019
Aqua's command styles span a few games! So in this video we will be covering the command styles seen in Birth by Sleep, 0.2, and Kingdom Hearts 3!

Command Style Breakdown: Critical Impact, Rock Breaker, & Dark Impulse ~ Kingdom Hearts BBS Analysis
Загружен 13 июля 2019
The only interesting command style with Terra is his Dark Impulse command style. The rest is pretty lackluster to be honest. __ TWITCH: ...

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix Part 9 (Ventus) - Deep Space - Playstation 3
Загружен 20 марта 2015
Here is part 9 of my Critical Mode walkthrough for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix on the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix collection for Playstation 3 ...

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix - Mysterious Figure battle (Critical Aqua) + Platinum
Загружен 26 мая 2017
Oh my god, it's the last one. Aqua is cleaning up for the finish line now. After playing so much with Terra and Ventus, I had a solid strategy down. This ...

Kingdom Hearts 2: My Attempt on Critical Mode.. #7 | I'M BACK. Lets fight Sephiroth.
Загружен 11 июля 2017
Feels good to stream again. I maybe rusty playing this game! Sorry for the absence for the past few weeks for the streaming. Things were getting settled down in ...

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Ventus vs Vanitas Lingering Spirit/Remnant NO DAMAGE [CRITICAL]
Загружен 28 октября 2015
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. It was made by Disney and Square Enix. This is my fight against Vanitas Lingering Spirit on Kingdom ...

Command Style Breakdown: Fever Pitch, Cyclone, & Wingblade ~ Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Analysis
Загружен 6 июля 2019
Today we are going to be breaking down the command styles that are unique to Ventus. These include: Fever Pitch, Cyclone, and Wingblade. __ TWITCH: ...

Command Style Breakdown: Firestorm, Diamond Dust, & Thunderbolt ~ Kingdom Hearts BBS Analysis
Загружен 27 июля 2019
Shorter video today! The next few command styles are not as interesting as the unique ones since there is a lot of base combat used in the styles. __ TWITCH: ... ...

Command Style Breakdown: Rhythm Mixer & Frozen Fortune ~ Kingdom Hearts BBS Analysis
Загружен 10 августа 2019
The last episode in the Command Style series! ^^ Thanks for sticking with me through this guys! We are going to be taking a short break for a couple weeks and ...

Fight against the Demon Tower - Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep [CRITICAL MODE]
Загружен 26 февраля 2017
Hey thank you for watching it is definitley appreciated! Make sure you tell all your friends, family, relatives, decendants and ancestors.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Terra Critical
Загружен 7 января 2019
whats good guys?this is a new youtube channel revolving around the Kingdom Hearts series.Here i will be showing off Kingdom Hearts union cross gameplay ...

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue - Collectibles & Secret Boss (KH 0.2 Ep. 7)
Загружен 30 января 2017
WE DID EVERYTHING thank you so much for joining me guys. This is my let's play of Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep: A fragmentary passage, part of ...

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