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The Surprising Secret Role Played by the First Commander-in-Chief, General George Washington (2004)

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The Surprising Secret Role Played by the First Commander-in-Chief, General George Washington (2004)
Загружен 10 января 2017
Thomas B. Allen (born 1929) is an American author and historian. He resides in Bethesda, Maryland. He is also the father of science fiction writer Roger ...

George Washington: Commander-in-Chief
Загружен 1 июля 2016
George Washington was known for his bravery as he fought alongside his soldiers in the heart of the battle, gaining their respect and admiration.

George Washington: A Man Rising to Greatness as the Nation's First Hero (1999)
Загружен 22 мая 2016
George Washington (February 22, 1732 [O.S. February 11, 1731] – December 14, 1799) was the first President of the United States (1789–97), the ...

The False Teeth of George Washington, the Enlightenment, and the French Revolution (2003)
Загружен 21 июня 2016
The Enlightenment – known in French as the Siècle des Lumières, the Century of Enlightenment, and in German as the Aufklärung – was a philosophical ...

George Washingtons tomb with side his wife's tomb
Загружен 30 марта 2015
Washington, D.C..

America and the Anti-Christ New World Order Part3
Загружен 8 декабря 2013
FAIR USE NOTICE** These Videos May Contain Copyrighted (© ) Material. The Use of Which Has Not Always Been Specifically Authorized by The Copyright ...

Washington Spymaster
Загружен 19 ноября 2015

Tis Well: George Washington Reflects on His Life & Death
Загружен 25 февраля 2016
Oak Ridge, Tennessee history teacher Steve Reddick interprets our first president on February 20, 2016, at Through the Looking Glass, Antiques and ...

WW2 Japanese war crimes - Japanese Invasion of China 1937-1944 (World war II two-Asian Holocaust)
Загружен 14 октября 2017
Chinese sources list the total number of military and non-military casualties, both dead and wounded, at 35 million.[Most Western historians believed that the ...

Aero-TV: Col. Mark Tillman (Part 2): The Most Important Left Seat In Aviation
Загружен 17 июля 2012
An Honored Flyer Tells Of His Service To America (Part 2 of 4) OK... we gotta tell you... this one was one of the best speeches we have EVER heard at ...

Abraham Lincoln's Mission to Destroy the Press: Free Speech, U.S. History (2006)
Загружен 1 февраля 2017
The Copperheads had numerous important newspapers, but the editors never formed an alliance. In Chicago, Wilbur F. Storey made the Chicago Times into ...

Wreath Laying Ceremony At General Washington's Tomb
Загружен 24 сентября 2012
This is a video of the wreath laying ceremony that takes place two times a day at Mount Vernon. It was very cool to see this ceremony in person.

Uncovered: The War on Iraq • FULL DOCUMENTARY • BRAVE NEW FILMS (2004)
Загружен 21 августа 2015
The George W. Bush administration intentionally deceived the American people in order to justify going to war in Iraq in 2003. SUBSCRIBE:

Full Ceremony: George H.W. Bush lies in state for Capitol Rotunda Service in Washington, DC
Загружен 4 декабря 2018
Former President George H.W. Bush will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol Monday, after arriving from Texas in the afternoon. His body will remain there through ...

FRONTLINE | The Choice 2008 (full episode) | PBS
Загружен 15 октября 2008
Watch the full-length program at

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