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The Earth does NOT move. (watch )

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Proof The Earth Doesn't Move or Spin
Загружен 7 ноября 2017
Do you feel yourself spinning around a ball at 1000+mph right now? I don't think so. Best tell yourself it's just momentum, inertia, etc and move on.. Or is the earth ...

Scientific Proof THE EARTH DOES NOT MOVE : Michelson–Morley Experiment
Загружен 17 августа 2016
Edward Hendrie Playlist: https://

How Earth Moves
Загружен 13 июня 2016
It's here! Science stuff, mind-blowing stuff, Vsauce stuff, oh my!! THE CURIOSITY BOX: https://

The earth is: Not Spinning, Not Orbiting, Not Moving. #FlatEarth
Загружен 23 ноября 2017
This is a good video to show your family this holiday season when they say, "YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THE EARTH IS FLAT AND STATIONARY?" You can ...

NASA Employee Admits Earth Doesn't Move?
Загружен 11 апреля 2016
Please Help Support The Channel... https://

Загружен 10 августа 2017
The earth was LONG AGO proven to be stationary by actual peer reviewed science which everyone CLAIMS they will believe if they see it. Well, I not only ...

Do NOT Watch This Video AT NIGHT
Загружен 30 октября 2016
Try not to get scared or scream in this one. Enjoy :)

The Earth Does Not Spin - Science Has Become Science Fiction
Загружен 1 февраля 2015
The Earth Does Not Spin - Science Has Become Science Fiction Earth is not spinning: https://

What Would Happen If The Earth Stopped Spinning?
Загружен 26 ноября 2017
What Would Happen If The Earth Stopped Spinning? Subscribe: https://goo.gl/GmtyPv CHECKOUT THESE AWESOME CHANNELS: Minutephysics: ...

Earth From Space - Clearly the Earth does not move
Загружен 17 марта 2012
This video was taken from the Dish Network Channel 212. I believe that it is now channel 287. It's speeded up to show one full day of the earth. From the ...

See the ground actually open up and move!
Загружен 13 марта 2011
Shot during the earthquake in Japan on 3-11-2011. You can actually see the ground moving and opening up. Amazing!

Eric Dubay: 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball
Загружен 15 сентября 2016
FIRST AND FOREMOST: please read "ZETETIC ASTRONOMY' at our website () under "RESOURCES", and also, watch the videos ...

Flat Earth NewGrange proves The Earth does not Move
Загружен 6 февраля 2017
Flat Earth NewGrange proves The Earth does not Move NOTE ! the Fairuse Doctrine is in use too make this Video sources 1. Irish Times ...

Use Your Cell Phone to Prove the Earth Does NOT Spin - Flat Earth
Загружен 21 мая 2017
https://flatflix.live/paul-on-the-plane A follow up to this video can be found here: https://youtu.be/LBPM33GjGhg Use your cell phone to prove the Earth does not ...

Earth 100 Million Years From Now
Загружен 12 февраля 2010
Earth's landmasses were not always what they are today. Continents formed as Earth's crustal plates shifted and collided over long periods of time. This video ...

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