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Supernanny Takes All Pacifiers Away! Supernanny

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Supernanny Takes All Pacifiers Away! | Supernanny
Загружен 3 апреля 2017
How to get rid of dummies, pacifiers and baby bottles? Supernanny takes a firm line when helping this family become dummy-free. How did you get rid of ...

4 Year Old Gets Rid of Pacifier | Supernanny
Загружен 9 марта 2015
How old is too old for a pacifier or dummy? Supernanny thinks this 4 year old is too old for a pacifier, so she plays a game with her to help ...

Is Your Child Too Old For A Pacifier? | Supernanny
Загружен 26 января 2015
How old is too old for a dummy or pacifier? Here's a cute and easy way to help with that tricky situation. Click here for more expert tips on this dilemma ...

How To Wean Off Dummies/Pacifier | Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance
Загружен 10 мая 2017
3-year-old Katie-ann pulls her hair when she is using her dummy or bottle, Jo gives mum Annette some advice on how to wean her off these. But will it all go ...

Four year old still has a dummy! | Supernanny
Загружен 2 марта 2015
How old is too old for a dummy or pacifier? This child still has one at four. But that's the least of it, as there's no discipline in this house. More ...

Giving Up The Baby Bottle | Supernanny
Загружен 15 апреля 2016
This 3 year old refuses to give up his bottle. Can Supernanny help with the Bye Bye Bottle Technique? Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest ... ...

3Yr Old Still Drinks From BABY BOTTLE! | Supernanny
Загружен 21 ноября 2016
When to get rid of the baby bottle? Mom and Supernanny don't agree with this baby bottle habit that Dad lets his daughter away with... Click here to subscribe ...

Supernanny | Angry Toddler Attacks Baby Brother
Загружен 25 декабря 2017
See how mom deals with it when her angry toddler attacks his baby brother. ▷ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE :

8 Years Since Parents Slept In Same Bed Due To Kids | Supernanny
Загружен 4 марта 2015
When should you stop co-sleeping with your child? Due to a dreadful sleeping arrangement in this household, these parents haven't slept in the same bed for ...

Baby Twins Plus Two Toddlers - This Mom Needs Supernanny's Help | Supernanny
Загружен 21 января 2015
With newborn twins and two out of control toddlers. Wendy Wilson from the band Wilson Phillips and her husband are feeling overwhelmed. They need ...

Supernanny Helps Mom Wean Toddler Off Breastfeeding | Supernanny
Загружен 9 октября 2017
When to stop breastfeeding? This mom is ready, so Supernanny supports her to wean her toddler off the breast. ▷ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ...

Bye Bye Baby Bottle | Supernanny
Загружен 6 января 2016
Screams and tears as this child's bottle gets taken off him. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos: ...

HUGE Toddler Tantrum in Restaurant | Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour
Загружен 12 октября 2017
Jo Frost tries to control a huge toddler tantrum which disrupts the whole restaurant. Subscribe to TLC UK for more great clips: ...

3 Yr Old Throws Football At New Born Baby Brother. | Supernanny
Загружен 13 июня 2016
Kids are often jealous of new siblings - Supernanny steps in. More sibling rivalry remedies here ...

Supernanny | 5yr Old Acts Like A Baby!
Загружен 26 января 2018
This 5yr old acts like a baby and throws MAJOR tantrums! ▷ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE :

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