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RLS vs godcomp & RPS patch 5.2

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RPS 3v3 - Legion S4
Загружен 30 июля 2017
Some RPS games i recorded during the first week on Legion S4 patch 7.2.5. I was still getting used to the changes to subtlety and learning the comp.

Bajheera - 3v3 Arena as WLS vs RPS - 5.2 Warrior Arena Tips
Загружен 30 марта 2013
Hang out in Raidcall! :D -

God Comp Vs Thug
Загружен 25 марта 2013
i suck at druid dont hate.

2350 RPS vs RMP
Загружен 8 июля 2012
This is the Rogue, Shadow Priest, Shaman comp vs Rogue, Mage, Priest at around 2350 mmr.

Jungle cleave v LSD
Загружен 13 сентября 2014

jag - 2,4k-2,5k RPS Season 12 rogue pov
Загружен 7 марта 2013
Hi this is a quick video i made on a request from some friends, where i show how we played RPS during season 12 in Mists of pandaria. All clips are ...

Balance druid pvp 5.1 Vs Shatterplay
Загружен 18 февраля 2013
MAGE / BOOMKIN / RSHAMAN VS SP / MAGE / RDRUID They had shitty positioning and lost the game because of it.

[3v3 5.3] - RPS - Rogues Okay. I Guess. [Sativ]
Загружен 10 июня 2013
Twitter: https:///Sativ_BH Donate:

Dark Souls 3 Ashes of Ariandel Playthrough #2 ft. Tenzor
Загружен 26 октября 2016
READ THE DESCRIPTION!!!= Hello there guys , welcome too Dark Souls 3 DLC Ashes of Ariandel Playthrough using Dragonslayer GreatAxe and the buff called ...

Resto Shaman PvP Season 13 RPS vs Thug Cleave
Загружен 1 мая 2013

Hoodstars RLS vs Watchmeblink/Nomanz/Khryls RMP
Загружен 13 марта 2013
Good game.

MLS 3v3 arena 5.1
Загружен 9 февраля 2013
Hello guys it have been a while since i made a video because of school. Now i have started with wow again and im gonna make more videos. hope you enjoy ...

KFC vs RMP 5.4 3v3 arena mop 2k
Загружен 24 декабря 2013
This is a hard one for me - positioning was crap tbh but had a long 2 week break and this was our first team of the session.

[Sativ] 3v3 as RPS - 3 Great Games! (Skype commentary Ft. Anabolicqt and HouseMD)
Загружен 27 апреля 2013
Twitter: https:///Sativ_BH Donate:

ShadowCleave Vs Moonkin, Lock, Monk on Ptr (High Rated)
Загружен 18 февраля 2013
Ptr world of warcraft practice ...

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