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Patient Zero (Dr. Ivan) Info Breakdown & Close up kills, his weakness discovered

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Patient Zero (Dr. Ivan) Info Breakdown & Close up kills, his weakness discovered.
Загружен 11 февраля 2013
Zeroing in on the patient. EDIT: Heart shots are no longer one hit kills after patch 1.2.

DayZ Origins: Patient Zero (Dr. Ivan) Kill
Загружен 10 февраля 2013
UPDATE: See my latest vid for a close up kill, and updated info. the mystery is solved.

HD Day Z: Lone Wolf Diaries [24]
Загружен 9 мая 2013
I found patient zero. It can't be killed! :\ Follow me on Twitter for updates and more - https:///MortusX.

PATIENT ZERO (Dr. Ivan) KILLED!!! - [DayZ Origins]
Загружен 13 апреля 2013
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DayZ Origins - Killing Patient Zero
Загружен 24 марта 2013
As I roamed the hills in DayZ Origins, I came a cross a zombie wearing a yellow lab coat. It was none other than Dr. Ivan Hofman, also known as Patient ...

_ZeroZ_ - kill aura & no knockback
Загружен 19 июля 2015

Загружен 14 мая 2013
well yeah a little edit :) clips by chai :

Dr. Ivan "Patient Zero" Hofman Axed
Загружен 2 марта 2013
Wanting to do away with a zombie in a barn silently, I toss my Winchester and go for the ol' axe. After a couple of swipes that hit home I come ...

Dayz Origins v1.2 ( dr ivan ) Close Up Unable to kill Fail!
Загружен 14 февраля 2013
I was playing some Dayz Origins v1.2 with my friends when i saw Dr Ivan But was unable to kill this bastard! Pumped him full of bullets!

DayZ - Origins - Patient Zero (Dr. Ivan)
Загружен 19 февраля 2013
Just spawned in Byelov and saw Patient Zero. Couldnt do much with 2 mags of makarov. Was going for another gun towards the end but got kicked....

DayZ Origins - Folge 14 - Patient Zero (Dr. Ivan)
Загружен 9 июня 2013
Facebook: "Dark Times" by Kevin MacLeod ...

Dayz Origins - Patient Zero (Dr. Ivan) Jammin in Lyubol
Загружен 18 февраля 2013
Dr Ivan likes some Jazz! I met Patient Zero (Dr Ivan) while having a walk in Lyubol. Dont know what he did there. I did not kill Patient Zero because - ...

Dayz Origins Dr Ivan (patient zero) unkillable v1.2
Загружен 21 февраля 2013
Ran into this unsavory character and clacked on him for over 30 mins with 6 different guns, shot hundreds of bullets, threw 1 grenade and killed two assailants ...

DayZ Origins 1.2 - Patient Zero is Invulnerable and Kind of Clingy!
Загружен 13 февраля 2013
We had Patient Zero on us for about an hour but nothing would kill him! It looks like he may have a new UNKNOWN weakness?

DayZ Origins - Dr. Ivan's Secret Undergound Lab
Загружен 22 июня 2013
In this video, I search for Dr. Ivan's secret underground lab. From DayZ Origins, a mod for ARMA II, the game developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio.

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