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Paladins Mythbusters - The Seris Edition

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Paladins Mythbusters - The Seris Edition
Загружен 16 апреля 2017
Seris is the new gal in town and not only that she is a support champion! Holy hell! So, let us find what secrets she holds within her orb. Are you ...

Paladins Mythbusters | The Zhin Edition
Загружен 18 июня 2017
Zhin is here with his new flaming hot sauce sword of madness. Seriously this guy seems like he is able to do pretty much anything during the testing that we put ...

Paladins Mythbusters - The Willo Edition
Загружен 3 мая 2017
Paladins Newest Champion, Willo is here. Time to do some myth busting on her. Though to be honest most of the result would be what you expect. Most... Not all ... ...

Paladins Mythbusters - The Maeve Edition
Загружен 11 февраля 2017
Want to know the hidden secrets of the new Paladins champion Maeve? Yes? Wait you want to know what now.... Um okay, sorry I meant the normal stuff about ...

Paladins Mythbusters - The Lex Edition
Загружен 20 марта 2017
The new champion for Paladins is almost out on the live servers. Lex as he is called is a flank champion who plays more like a damage champion. Let us test ...

Paladins Mythbusters - The Ash Edition
Загружен 3 июня 2017
Welp Ash is finally out in patch OB51 for Paladins so as always it's time to do some myth-busting. I will say though that this one was a bit rough considering ...

Paladins Mini Mythbusters - The Reversal Edition
Загружен 21 мая 2017
In Paladins, there is a certain champion named Androxus. A man of many skills, one of which is the really buggy as hell ability known as the reversal. Today we ... ...

Paladins Mini Mythbusters - The Makoa Edition
Загружен 21 апреля 2017
Just a couple of test on the old turtle of Paladins. Nothing too crazy considering he has been here a while. So yeah would you sit down in a chair please ...

Khan Myth Busters Episode | PALADINS MYTHBUSTERS
Загружен 19 апреля 2018
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ZphnSZg -sorry it took a while but I guess it's finally something no one asked for but I wanted to give it a shot anyway so my first ... ...

SERIS ES EL MEJOR SUPPORT? | SERIS OP + VoiceChat | Gameplay OB48 | Paladins
Загружен 16 апреля 2017
Hoy jugaremos con SERIS por primera vez, ES REALMENTE UN BUEN PERSONAJE? ESTA OP? ES EL MEJOR SUPPORT? Además de que probaremos el ...

Paladins | When You Dont 4-0 Vs No Tank... (Seris 250K Healing)
Загружен 14 декабря 2018
Hi guys it's Nat here also know as Falade and welcome to my channel. Here you will find loads of gameplays on the game that I play. Support Main, F/A But ...

Paladins Mythbusters Pilot
Загружен 30 марта 2017
Send me your myths to [watch.paladins]-dog-[gmail].[com].

Paladins - Do You Ship It? Or Not?
Загружен 2 марта 2017
Okay so this Paladins video may be late by about a month, however I'm not going to wait for a year to pass by. So yeah Happy Valentine! Let the cringy ...

INSANE KILL STREAK! New Godlike+ Seris Build - Paladins Free to Play Moba Gameplay
Загружен 26 апреля 2017
Click to Download and Play Paladins for Free!

Paladins - Healing like a BOSS in ranked 2.0! (Seris Gameplay)
Загружен 13 августа 2017
Having some fun! Play for free!

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