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Mova Origins

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Mova Origins
Загружен 31 августа 2013
I made this video to give people some insight into the elements in my life that led to the invention of the Mova Globe and also into the various elements brought ...

Mova Globe origins and operation
Загружен 9 апреля 2014
The operation and origin of the Mova globe are described by the inventor, Bill French.

Mova Globe : Internal Mechanism Revealed by Cutting Open
Загружен 24 ноября 2016
One quarter of the sphere has been cut away to reveal a permanent magnet, photoelectric cells, and a motor. This is not a dinky toy. Everything about it is top ... ...

Madison's MOVA Mars Globe Unboxing..Exciting!
Загружен 23 мая 2018
My thanks to MOVA for sending us this wonderful globe. If you are interested in starting your own collection, find them at:

A quick look at the Amazing Mova Globe
Загружен 1 декабря 2014
A globe that rotates using magic (well solar power) and costs a small fortune. AMAZON LINKS: (US) (UK) More ...

Mova Globe Planet Earth
Загружен 9 июля 2016
Mova Globe Planet Earth Satellit.

New MOVA Cube
Загружен 31 марта 2015
The MOVA Cube is a revolutionary item that adds a new dimension to our self-rotating line of products. Its striking geometric shape and calm motion make it the ...

🌑 Как устроена Самая крутая игрушка Самовращающийся глобус Mova Globe Крутится вечно! Игорь Белецкий
Загружен 2 октября 2018
Что внутри удивительной игрушки Mova Globe. Как она работает? Откуда берет энергию для вращения? Всё очень прост...

Meet the MOVA Globe
Загружен 25 сентября 2014
The MOVA Globe rotates on its own using only the energy of room light and the forces of Earth's magnetic field. No batteries or power cords are required.

MOVA Globes - A Rotating Solar System Powered By Light
Загружен 14 ноября 2017
Shop outer space: https://

Why Mova Globe Turns West to East
Загружен 3 сентября 2018
It Uses a DC, Direct Current, motor and DC electricity. Simply reversing the wiring will reverse the direction of turn. So make it turn the same way the earth does.

Pluto MOVA Mini
Загружен 8 августа 2017
Pluto, originally considered to be the ninth planet from the Sun, was reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006. Using images from NASA's New Horizons mission, ...

Mova Globe Compass Interaction
Загружен 30 декабря 2015
The inventor of the Mova Globe doesn't give details of how it works. He says you'll have to cut it open to find out. It is a fascinating piece of house ...

Mova Globe in bavaria / germany.
Загружен 7 июля 2013
Mova Globe ordered by Amazon. Now i have this 1.5 years. He run all times. Its really nice. Sry for my english. Its translated by google.

Загружен 17 июля 2018
Today I unbox and give my first impressions on something I've wanted for A LONG TIME! THE EPIC, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, SPECTACULAR, SENSATIONAL, ...

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