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Intro to the Mask Hunt Competition - LEGO Bionicle
Загружен 30 марта 2015
Competition has ended* Participate in the new Bionicle Mask Hunt competition and win a golden mask! Find an object that looks like a hidden mask. It can be ...

BIONICLE 2003 Episode 2 - Out of Their Elements
Загружен 20 марта 2012
The original BIONICLE flash animation from in 2003. This is the best quality you are going to find on the web. This was converted straight from the ...

Lego Chima Harnesses Of Hope! Episode 44: The Mystery!
Загружен 23 марта 2015
This is episode 44 of my legends of Chima series! Will the heroes discover the mystery of the fire warrior? Or will Sir Fangar succeed in conquering the phoenix ...

The Phantom - LEGO The Build Zone - Episode 6
Загружен 13 июня 2015
An awesome new series from LEGO® - The Build Zone! Watch Sam show you how to build LEGO® Star Wars™ The Phantom set (#75048) and tell you all about ...

Bionicle vs Hero Factory Episode 5 part 1 - Breakout
Загружен 17 декабря 2017

The LEGO Dead Episode 2
Загружен 29 июля 2016
The LEGO Dead picks up with Jericho just having met Marcus and his group, Emily and Johnson. As supplies are still scarce in the city, the group has decided to ... ...

BREAKING NEWS: Fourth BIONICLE Episode Preview Image and Title!
Загружен 19 декабря 2014
Eljay brings to you guys breaking news regarding the preview image for the next Bionicle web series episode! TTV website:

Technic Off Roader - LEGO The Build Zone - Episode 7
Загружен 20 июня 2015
An awesome new series from LEGO® - The Build Zone! Watch Sam and his friend Landon show you how to build Technic Formula Off-Roader set (#42037) and ...

Skull Slicer - LEGO Bionicle - Character Spot
Загружен 31 июля 2015
Skull Slicer is a fast and vicious lieutenant in Skull Grinder's dark army. He fights with all four arms at once, so it takes vigilance, speed and cunning to avoid his ...

BIONICLE Stars Battle Video 2: Gresh vs. Skrall HD
Загружен 1 апреля 2010
YES! These are officially legit! Of course this battle was pretty short I must say... Stay tuned for the next episode!!!

Bionicle: The Beginning - Episode III TRAILER
Загружен 13 февраля 2016
Finally, the long awaited third episode of my Bionicle Stop-Motion will be released on February 26th 2016!

Let's Play BIONICLE The Game Episode 2: We Have BALLS!
Загружен 20 марта 2014
In this episode, we take on Kopaka Mata's stage and Gali Nuva single handedly defeats the Bohrok Kal. All six of them. At once. Also guest hosts!

Bionicle: Legacy of Vengeance, Episode 2: Manhunt
Загружен 8 ноября 2015
Twilis, The Demon Prince, has made his way to the Endworld universe. Unfortunately, Zaries, one of the few beings powerful enough to stop him, is trapped over ...

Bionicle (Christian Analysis) Episode 4
Загружен 16 февраля 2016
Bionicle 2015 animations: https://"Island of Lost Masks" by Ryder Windhelm: ...

Bionicle Episode 10 Makuta
Загружен 16 января 2009
Go Toa!!

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