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Bionicle The Horde Episode 2
Загружен 2 июля 2009
YES! It's finally out! Okay, Episode 2! I hope you guys enjoy it! Don't expect Episode 3 for a long while. So, I guess that's all I have to say. In ...

Bionicle: The Beginning - Episode II: Meeting of the Toa
Загружен 25 декабря 2014
The saga continues! In the second episode of Bionicle - The Beginning, we see the Toa together for the first time, discover Po-Koro and Onu-Koro, and see Takua embark on an ...

BIONICLE VS. Hero Factory The Movie
Загружен 24 декабря 2013
This is it guys! It's finally arrived! The BIONICLE VS. Hero Factory Movie is here! Tell me what you though in the comments section! THANKS YOU GUYS FOR OVER 15000 VEIWS! ...

lego bionicle island of lost mask episode 9 tahu part 1
Загружен 6 декабря 2015
it will be a two part episode. it start off with makuta pheona origin of how she got her power from. toa nurak and makuta tazzuk(only mentioned)belonged to kylernuva135.

BIONICLE G2 Animation Abridge - Episode ½ Christmas Special
Загружен 30 декабря 2015
Late christmas video yeah, blah blah blah, I betting no one is even looking down here. I could be saying something vary impotent like I got rape or I have cancer, ...

New BIONICLE Series: Victims of the Hunt - A Furno Chat Episode 24
Загружен 13 февраля 2016
New series announcement: BIONICLE: Victims of the Hunt!

bionicle fight for endworld episode 8 downtime
Загружен 27 января 2013
I know it's been a while, but here is a brand-new episode of my show, which picks up a few days after the events of episode 7. At the D.R.A.G.A agent's ...

Bionicle Blog Series - Episode 1 - Diabolica Unbound
Загружен 7 ноября 2013
Matthew Algar will be creating a 10 week Bionicle animation series, a continuation from his current Bionicle Blogs series on YouTube specially for ICTV. During the process Matthew will be put... ...

Bionicle House Legacy Episode 4 'Decorations'
Загружен 6 октября 2008
Takadox, Hahli, and some Piraka get caught in a strange substance. will they find a way to get out before they are crushed or get realy bored?

LEGO Bionicle-Episode 8 WITHOUT SUBTITLES REVEALED (Available In The Description)!!!!
Загружен 9 апреля 2015
Here it is: https://

Bionicle Stopmotion The New Order of Mata Nui Episode 2 Technical Support
Загружен 5 июня 2011
Re uploaded again. Sue me.

Bionicle Tari Nui episode 2 Toa fight (Bionicle stop motion)
Загружен 14 июня 2010
Bionicle stop motion.This is the second episode of Bionicle:Tari Nui.I did not CREATE THESE SONGS.i WOULD TOTALLY LIKE TO GIVE CREDIT TO YOKO SHIMOMURU AND Jakah016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO COPYRIGHT...

Bionicle Battle on Okoto Episode 7
Загружен 23 августа 2015
Toa and Minions meet in the Skull Army Stronghold for an intense showdown against an old face. The winner of the battle will be a shock to everyone!! Apologies for being ...

Micro Battle of Hoth - LEGO Star Wars - Mini Movie
Загружен 7 марта 2015
Watch this fun new LEGO® Star Wars™ mini movie: The Micro Battle of Hoth! For more Star Wars fun visit :

Bionicle The Destiny of Three Episode 1 (Part 1) (CANCELED)
Загружен 11 марта 2010
let the series BEGIN!

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