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I don't believe it, ergo, it must not be true

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I don't believe it, ergo, it must not be true
Загружен 4 августа 2013

David Brent's Life Philosophy | The Office | BBC
Загружен 15 сентября 2013
Contains adult humor. David Brent shares some of his personal wisdom with us including his respect for Ian Botham. Subscribe:

I used to love this... ?
Загружен 27 апреля 2017
ヅI read my old favorite manga, ichigo 100% and its... uhヅ.

How do you know you exist? - James Zucker
Загружен 14 августа 2014
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God does not exist - and here's why
Загружен 22 ноября 2017
August 2016 Why gods don't exist! Or do gods exist? Theists maintain the other gods don't exist, I agree. With all of them. What is the testable difference between ...

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory
Загружен 12 июня 2018
Dr. Joe Dispenza is teaching the world how to empower and heal our mind through meditation and mindfulness. His studies have proven that when well ...

Humans Need Not Apply
Загружен 13 августа 2014
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Rush Limbaugh - Caller: Why Don't You Guys Sacrifice
Загружен 22 февраля 2011
RUSH: I'm not avoiding your question. I'll answer it here in just a second. I am not a proponent of shared sacrifice. I don't believe in sacrifice, period. I think that's ...

Swimming With A Mermaid - Dreams Do Come True!
Загружен 13 марта 2017
It's been a long time dream for our five your old princess mermaid to hang out with a real mermaid. Now, here's her chance. ↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK “SHOW MORE” ...

Project Zorgo YouTube Hacker Group
Загружен 19 августа 2018
We are the YouTube Hacker group Project Zorgo. We believe YouTube has become too powerful and is a threat to traditional media. Phase one of our plan is to ...

Cartesian Skepticism - Neo, Meet Rene: Crash Course Philosophy #5
Загружен 8 марта 2016
This week Hank introduces skepticism, exploring everything from the nature of reality through the eyes of a 17th century philosopher and, of course, The Matrix.

Lie Detector Apps Coming Soon to Smartphones
Загружен 12 марта 2015
Lie Detector Apps Coming Soon to Smartphones, Say Manufacturers...real ones, not cheesy prank apps like the one's available today. *SUBSCRIBE* for more ...

Terence McKenna - Shedding the Monkey (Lecture)
Загружен 26 октября 2017
Recorded in February of 1986 at Shared Visions in Berkeley, CA *Interview from earlier in the day in February 1986* New Horizons Video #6 - Ascent From the ...

Sonic Adventure DX Music: UNKNOWN FROM M.E.
Загружен 9 февраля 2007
This is Knuckles the Echidna's theme tune in Sonic Adventure DX. This song is "Unknown From M.E." by Marlon Saunders.

What Happened in Hawaii
Загружен 23 октября 2017
CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR RESOURCES ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Remembering HAWAII in three ways: Recalling the moments with each other, Going back to where ...

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