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How To Mat Train Your Dog Bondi Vet

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How To Mat Train Your Dog | Bondi Vet
Загружен 16 декабря 2014
Pets are often just like family members that need to learn the house rules and behave properly. All it requires is a few training tricks of the trade. Dog Trainer ... ...

Top 7 Dog Training Myths | Bondi Vet
Загружен 16 декабря 2014
Like humans, every dog has a distinct personality. In the video, Basil Theofanides answers about the credibility of some myths associated with training your pets.

How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping | Bondi Vet
Загружен 16 декабря 2014
One of the problems that the dog owners face is that their dog jumps too much. This problem can be overcomed by not encouraging the dog to do so. The tricks ...

Train your dog to lie down | Bondi Vet
Загружен 29 мая 2015
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Teach Your Dog To Meet and Greet | Bondi Vet
Загружен 18 декабря 2014
It is very easy to teach your dogs to greet people. Whenever someone approaches your dog and if it jumps at the person then in a authoritative tone say 'Leave' ... ...

How To Communicate Effectively With Your Dog | Bondi Vet
Загружен 16 декабря 2014
Communicating effectively with your dogs is important. The trick is to keep your voice, body language and tone. While communicating with a dog, three kinds of ...

How To Stop Your Dog Pulling On Its Lead | Bondi Vet
Загружен 16 декабря 2014
It's important to teach your dog how to do 'Social Walking'. With the dog constantly pulling on the leash rashly, many people have a hard time walking their dogs.

How To Train Your Dog To Come Back To You | Bondi Vet
Загружен 16 декабря 2014
Getting your dogs come bact to you when called is tricky. There are ways of teaching your dogs to do that. First and foremost use a happy voice to call your ...

Tips for cutting your dogs hair | Bondi Vet
Загружен 8 июля 2015
Some dogs just will not keep still. This is especially true when trying to give their hair a trim. Should you take them to a professional? Dr. Mel gives you some ...

How To Examine And Restrain Your Dog | Bondi Vet
Загружен 16 декабря 2014
Taking your dog to the vet for check up gets unruly if your dog is not habitual of being touched and looked at. There are certain tricks that can be practised ...

How Do I Teach My Dog To Go Lie Down On A Mat?
Загружен 13 августа 2015
Teaching your dog to go/stay on a mat is an invaluable skill. In this video, we demonstrate how to put the targeting behavior on cue and build some duration with ... ...

How To Teach Your Dog To Beg | Bondi Vet
Загружен 28 декабря 2016
Teaching your dog to do some basic tricks is a really fun way to spend great time together. Keep them in that position for a few moments. Give all commands in ...

Go To Mat Dog Training, Henrietta blooper
Загружен 24 марта 2014
Working on some training videos with dogs that are supposed to have little to no training background. Asking Henrietta to "go to mat" to demonstrate that she ...

4 things to avoid when playing with your dog | Bondi Vet
Загружен 29 мая 2015
Bondi Vet covers all the important aspects of pet care, providing you crucial vet advice for different health issues related to pets. Stay tuned for tutorials on how to ...

Puppy Conditioning | Bondi Vet
Загружен 3 февраля 2015
Dog Trainer Basil Theofanides teaches pet owners how to get their puppies used to new environments. Watch the video to get all the training tricks of the trade!

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