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Homosexuality Isn't A Choice

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Ben Carson: Being gay is a choice, look at inmates
Загружен 4 марта 2015
Potential GOP presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson says being homosexual is a choice. CNN's Chris Cuomo sits down with him in an exclusive interview.

Watkins: Being gay is not a choice
Загружен 1 мая 2013
CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to a panel about NBA player Jason Collins coming out and its effect on African-Americans. For more CNN videos, visit our site at ...

Gay? You Were Born This Way!
Загружен 19 декабря 2012
Its one of the most significant studies of the year: the discovery of a biological reason for why people are gay. If confirmed, it could drastically impact the gay ...

Lord Jamar: Homosexuality Is a Choice
Загружен 12 октября 2014

Kirk Cameron says 'Homosexuality is unnatural'
Загружен 3 марта 2012
Kirk Cameron believes homosexuality is unnatural, detrimental and ultimately destructive to foundations of civilization.

Is Homosexuality in Your Genes?
Загружен 16 февраля 2018
Scientists have identified two new genetic connections to homosexuality. Does this confirm that there are predisposed sexual orientations? We Got Our DNA ...

The Evolution of Homosexuality: From Criminal, to Mentally Ill, to Equal | Bennett Singer
Загружен 30 июня 2017
It wasn't that long ago, says Bennett Singer, that our nation's most progressive doctors considered homosexuality a psychological disease. That goes to show ...

Nature or Nurture - Are People Born Gay?
Загружен 24 марта 2016
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Hey Bill Nye, "Does Homosexuality Make Evolutionary Sense?"
Загружен 7 июля 2015
An anonymous viewer asks Bill whether homosexuality makes sense from an evolutionary and genetic standpoint. Bill's response? Homosexuality exists across ...

What the Bible says about homosexuality | Kristin Saylor & Jim O'Hanlon | TEDxEdgemontSchool
Загружен 5 августа 2016
Kristin Saylor and Jim O'Hanlon talks about what the Bible really says about homosexuality and other LGBTQ topics. The Rev. Kristin Saylor is an Episcopal ...

Lord Jamar Debates If Being Gay Is Actually a Choice
Загружен 5 июня 2015
"Bed Intruder Song" phenom Antoine Dodson, what Antoine said sparked a huge discussion about whether ...

Does Everybody Have A Gay Gene?
Загружен 27 июля 2017
Is being gay genetic? Can You Get Rid of Homosexuality? https://youtu.be/2aAxuYgpuXQ Subscribe:

Why Is There Homosexuality?
Загружен 3 декабря 2014
Over the past 2 years, we've covered numerous scientific breakthrough, but one question has yet to be answered: How did homosexuality evolve? In Tara's final ...

Gay Evangelicals Argue That Bible Does Not Condemn Homosexuality
Загружен 21 ноября 2014
More than 30 U.S. states now recognize same-sex marriages, and an increasing number of mainline American churches are blessing them. But evangelical ...

Rick Warren's views on homosexuality
Загружен 7 декабря 2013
Rick Warren explains his views on homosexuality.

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