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Didn't Just Kiss Loki {Slash Mep}

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{PirateGod} for YaoiFanLovers's "I didn't just kiss Loki" MEP part 6
Загружен 1 июня 2013
Somehow I always end up doing PirateGod... XD It's just... Captain Hook/Loki has really started to become my OTP. It's just so sexy and the daddy issues and ...

{Didn't Just Kiss Loki} || Re-Upload
Загружен 23 августа 2016
A Mep I had Hosted way back when hahaha Song: I Didn't just kiss her by Jen Foster Footage: All sorts! Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 11 I OWN NOTHING!

I didn't just kiss Loki... | Thorin & Loki | Laufeyshield
Загружен 12 июня 2013
HD PRETTY PLEASE* Oh look my OTP has come back again. Buh, such lazy editing it hurts my eyes to look at it. But my lyrics are so.. ew. Why did ...

Loki x Shilo | HHS MEP PART | it was your doom;
Загружен 2 апреля 2012

[DPS] WARNING EXPLICIT SLASH!!! - Jim/Korso - Flesh MEP Part
Загружен 21 марта 2014
[WARNING]: This video contains EXPLICIT SLASH scenes (slash meaning MANxMAN relationship). If you don't like it, don't watch and don't put a thumb down ...

s t a y t h e n i g h t [Slash/FemSlash MEP]
Загружен 15 февраля 2016
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE I ALMOST DIDN'T GET THIS UP but thats because i was only able to start rendering it this afternoon and this monster ...

☠PirateGod♈ "I want your revenge" {Loki/Hook}
Загружен 16 ноября 2012
Oh gods, these two. Killian "Captain Hook" Jones and Loki Laufeyson. Easily the two sexiest villains out there. They're both so... ugh, I can't even describe the ...

my favourite slash pairings
Загружен 30 августа 2010
I DON'T OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO'!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this is about half of my favourite pairings :D It includes also gay pairings :) Song:The formula of fear-Hybrid ...

Hear you scream • Hannibal & Roy
Загружен 24 июля 2013
"And no one hears you scream" The first 23 seconds are a part of xDreamIsCollapsingx's Transcend MEP.

said and done - stony/destiel
Загружен 21 ноября 2017
Super happy with how this one turned out. Some parallels, but mostly just a mix haha. Nothing belongs to me, made for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy!

Slash/Femslash couples || Won't Go Home Without You [COLLAB]
Загружен 3 июля 2014
This is officially going to be the summer of collabs xD There will be many more on the way, so look out! I am SO happy with how this turned out!! ...

SLASH - Thorin/Bilbo Xena/Callisto Merlin/Arthur Robin Hood/Guy of Gisborne Mulder/Krycek Loki/Tony
Загружен 2 апреля 2014
Warning: Crack, Humor, Slash/ yaoi/ male love/ shonen ai/ gay/ Femslash/ yuri/ female love/ shojo ai This video is purely fan-made. I don't own, nor will I ever ...

MULTI-SLASH |[.superhero style.]| don't ever look back
Загружен 12 декабря 2011

Thorki muy frist kiss
Загружен 23 сентября 2015

~ ain´t no other man for Iggy! ~ ( US x UK) 8D
Загружен 19 марта 2010
Just another stupid amv xD When I heard the song I had to think of this two! The result is this! Ô.o I mean: The song is creazy. The pairing is ...

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