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DayZ Origins 1.2 - Patient Zero is Invulnerable and Kind of Clingy!

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DayZ Origins: How to Raid Dr Ivan's Secret Lab
Загружен 1 июля 2013
Me, MrTrippy, Jack and Nick head to Sabina to find and raid Dr Ivan's secret lab. It's safe to say we don't take it that serious, but we do succeed in ...

Killing Patient Zero - DayZ Origins
Загружен 22 апреля 2013
This is me and a friend trying to kill Patient Zero. Sadly sounds were not recorded.

DayZ Origins: Patient Zero with a hatchet
Загружен 1 июля 2013
this zombie is too overpowered.... seriously...

DayZ - Origins - Patient Zero (Dr. Ivan)
Загружен 19 февраля 2013
Just spawned in Byelov and saw Patient Zero. Couldnt do much with 2 mags of makarov. Was going for another gun towards the end but got kicked....

Arma II - Dayz Origins - Prévia do Standalone?
Загружен 1 февраля 2013
SORTEIO DIA 28/09/2019! CORRE! Seguir https:///hugorogerr se inscrever https://

DayZ Origins: Killing patient zero with a Hatchet
Загружен 3 мая 2013
This is the Description..... and it contain some infomation about this video ==== Click to see all the information ==== I was looting around the Dubovo airfield for ...

PATIENT ZERO (Dr. Ivan) KILLED!!! - [DayZ Origins]
Загружен 13 апреля 2013
Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE to join my team! ▻▻

DayZ Origins. First real video of Patient Zero! (aka Doctor Ivan)
Загружен 10 февраля 2013
WARNING: Foul language is in this video. So my friends and I just spawn at Kameni on a DayZ Origins Server, and this is what happens to us after one of ...

Dr Ivans Lab Raid With PsiSyndicate - Dayz Origins
Загружен 7 апреля 2013
Hey all, welcome to todays video, we enter the underground lab that no-one knows about full of AI's with high powered weapons... do we both make it out alive?

DayZ Origins - Killing Dr.Ivan By Myself
Загружен 11 февраля 2013
I found Dr.Ivan this morning and killed him/it alone... (he's pretty easy, when there's fences around :P) On US001 At 11:20AM BUT no loot... Edit: Don't Forget this ...

Загружен 30 января 2013
Found this guy running round the new origins mod for dayz/arma2 oa, hard to kill and out of the ordinary. like they say, if it looks like a duck, and quacks ...

hacker server PA002 Dayz Origins
Загружен 18 февраля 2013

DayZ Origins 1.2 - Salvation City Soloing (Well, Somewhat)
Загружен 12 февраля 2013
This was taken from my live stream at

DayZ Origins #39
Загружен 16 марта 2017

DayZ Origins Mod First Look - Custom Vehicles, Super Zombies, & Leveling up! (ARMA 2)
Загружен 28 января 2013
DayZ Origins is a brand new mod for the mod DayZ. It adds all sort of new features as listed in the video and more can be found in the description ...

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