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Bronze of ancient goddess to be returned to Iraq

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Bronze of ancient goddess to be returned to Iraq
Загружен 21 июля 2015
(11 Jan 2009) SHOTLIST 1. Wide exterior of the Cairo museum 2. Various of tourists standing outside the museum 3. Egyptian antiquity chief Zahi Hawass unwrapping small statue that was found... ...

Sumerian Secrets - Origin of Gods and Religion
Загружен 7 декабря 2014
Sumer - approximately "land of the civilized kings" or "native land" was an ancient civilization and historical region in southern Mesopotamia, modern-day southern Iraq, during the Chalcolithic...

Leader of Iraq's Catholics urges emigrants to return
Загружен 21 июля 2015
SHOTLIST Baghdad's Mansour neighbourhood 1. Wide of Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly's house with statue of Virgin Mary in foreground 2. Mid of statue representing Virgin Mary 3. Set-up of...

Ancient mummy returns from US
Загружен 21 июля 2015
SHOTLIST 1. Exterior of Cairo Museum 2. Close up of photo of the mummy hanging from museum 3. Tourists walking through gate 4. Wide shot of band playing music 5. Wide ...

Antiquities Minister says stolen items have been found
Загружен 30 июля 2015
(12 Apr 2011) SHOTLIST 1. Close up of gilded wooden statue of King Tutankhamun lying on cotton wool at news conference in Supreme Council of Antiquities 2. Pan right of the ...

Antiquities Auction Ancient Egyptian Dubois
Загружен 23 февраля 2014

Police in Italy reveal recovered antiquities worth a record 50 million euros
Загружен 21 января 2015
A record haul of stolen archaeological treasures worth up to 50 million euros has been put on display by police in Rome. The 5361 vases, bronze statues and other ancient works, ...

2. The Dark Ages
Загружен 21 ноября 2008
Introduction to Ancient Greek History (CLCV 205) In this lecture, Professor Donald Kagan explores the earliest history of Greek civilization. He demonstrates how small agricultural enclaves...

Tomb of member of ancient ruling family on display
Загружен 21 июля 2015
++daylight shots++ 1. Exterior shot of excavation site at the Bahariya oasis 2. Men removing sand from hole 3. Man stepping onto ladder and climbing down into pit shored up with ...

Egypt Underworld - Pathways to Eternity
Загружен 30 января 2017
National Geographic documentary. In an Indiana Jones-style quest, Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass excavates a mysterious tunnel at the very bottom of.

Загружен 9 ноября 2014
Elam (/ˈiːləm/) was an ancient Pre-Iranic civilization centered in the far west and southwest of what is now modern-day Iran, stretching from the lowlands of what is now Khuzestan (Bakhtiari...

Neo-Sumerian Palace of Mari, End of Third Millenium BC: Third documentary
Загружен 6 апреля 2015
Central part of the neo-sumerian palace of the city of Mari (Siria). The high mud bricks walls correrspond, not to the last palace destroyed by Babylon at the beginning of the ...

Загружен 25 сентября 2017

Iran Offers to Protect Iraqi Artifacts After Islamic State Group Filmed Smashing Relics
Загружен 28 февраля 2015
Iran has offered to safeguard potentially at-risk Iraqi artifacts after a video released by the Islamic State group showed its militants using sledgehammers to smash relics in Iraq's northern...

Homer Simpson inside head - You have my undivided attention
Загружен 16 августа 2016
From episode The Simpsons S08E13 Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-D'oh-cious.

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