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Atheism can't account for morality

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Atheism can't account for morality
Загружен 9 сентября 2011
"On the Box" is a daily (Monday through Friday) live, 28-minute, web-based talk show hosted by Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team.

Atheists Have No Morals
Загружен 17 декабря 2016
Arguer: Josh Feuerstein Argument: Atheists have no basis for morality without God. Counter-Argument #1: Morality predates monotheism. Counter-Argument #2: ...

Atheism Can't Justify Objective Morality
Загружен 2 октября 2017
Some atheists simply can't distinguish between moral ontology and moral epistemology when we talk about the moral argument. Watch the entire debate here: ...

An Atheist Struggles To Account For Objective Moral Laws and Duties
Загружен 23 июля 2010
(Slavery, Child Abuse, Genocide, Molestation, Murder, Rape, etc.) is, "Well ...

The Failure of Atheism to Account for Morality
Загружен 19 июня 2009
Matt Slick of

Why Theists Can't Convert Atheists
Загружен 29 октября 2018
Patreon: https://

Atheism Cannot Account for Moral Absolutes (Greg Bahnsen)
Загружен 20 июня 2018
Atheism Cannot Account for Moral Absolutes (Greg Bahnsen) Subscribe for more videos: ...

Atheists Have NO Morals
Загружен 28 октября 2017
I'm sick of being labeled as a bad person because I don't believe in god. Atheists and even the word "atheist" carries this negative stigma and leads people to ...

Jordan Peterson - The Problem With Atheism
Загружен 28 апреля 2017
original source: https://youtu.be/7XtEZvLo-Sc?t=9m24s Psychology Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson expresses his frustration with atheists like Sam Harris.

Ask an Atheist: How can you be moral if you don’t believe in God?
Загружен 29 июня 2017
Hosting this weeks show are Co-Presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, and Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel. Tune in each Wednesday on Facebook at ...

Name a moral action a Christian committed that an atheist can't!
Загружен 21 мая 2010
"god is not Great", he challenges Christians to name an ethical statement or action, made or ...

"Can morality exist independently of religion" student CONFRONTS Ben Shapiro on Atheism
Загружен 7 августа 2018
"Can morality exist independently of religion" student CONFRONTS Ben Shapiro on Atheism, see his response.

How can an Atheist have morals?
Загружен 2 марта 2018
Social Media Links Twitter: https:///DearMrAtheist Twitch: https://

The Moral Argument
Загружен 21 января 2015
For more resources visit:

How CAN Atheists Have Morals?
Загружен 17 марта 2008
I should have mentioned the other major cornerstone of my morality... Spider-man comics!

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