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Admiral Hipper - German Sonar is strong

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Admiral Hipper - German Sonar is strong
Загружен 12 декабря 2016

World of Warships Blitz: Prinz Eugen has arrived!
Загружен 25 апреля 2018
The first Premium Tier VIII ship has arrived in World of Warships Blitz—Prinz Eugen. This German cruiser was named after a prominent general of the Holy ...

Тяжелый крейсер типа «Admiral Hipper» Германия - ранг бои, чистые небеса
Загружен 4 декабря 2016

The Second World War: The War in the Atlantic
Загружен 22 декабря 2017
A documentary on the fierce battles that were fought between the Royal Navy and the Kreigsmarine in the Atlantic Ocean during the Second World War. Includes ...

Unbalanced Nikolai Spearheads a Comeback - World of Warships
Загружен 25 декабря 2016
User Description: Good ol' Nikky. There's a reason they won't sell this monster again. She hits like a truck, shrugs off damage and is far too accurate for her own ... ...

World of Warships Gameplay German/Deutsch Zum Glück sonar
Загружен 29 января 2018
World of Warships (WoWs) diesmal zeige ich das PremiumSchiff Duke of York ein T 7 Schiff der U.K World of Warhsips ist ein Free-to-Pla...

World of Warships #335 | Gaede | Let's Play german/deutsch
Загружен 2 мая 2017
World of Warships ist ein Spiel von und wie es der Titel verrät geht es dabei um den Kampf auf hoher See! Mein Reflink für Boni (Schiffe für euch ... ...

WoWs Replays 010 - North Carolina Round 1.... FIGHT
Загружен 24 ноября 2016
The first of a trio of North Carolina Battles that were run back to back to back World of Warships by Wargaming

World of Warships Chapayev - Bane of Destroyers - WoWReplays
Загружен 11 марта 2016
Uploaded to by Crysantos featuring the Tier VIII Chapayev USSR Cruiser putting DD's in their place with the new Radar consumable.

Загружен 22 августа 2014
U-boat is the anglicised version of the German word U-Boot [ˈuːboːt] ( ), a shortening of Unterseeboot, which means "undersea boat". While the German term ...

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