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��� Rhaegar & Lyanna Crazy In Love

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► Rhaegar & Lyanna | Crazy In Love
Загружен 5 декабря 2014
720p* After a long time, I decided to vidded these two babies again! I really love their story, I do, I do, and it seemes that it's almost like the unwritten ...

Rhaegar & Lyanna | But that's a sadder story.
Загружен 22 июля 2016
"Prince Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna and thousands died for it." I think this video was one of the most challenging ones I've done this year. Not editing wise ...

Rhaegar & Lyanna ǁ Ice & Fire
Загружен 13 ноября 2016

Rhaegar & Lyanna {dream}
Загружен 26 февраля 2014
Been working on this for a long time, it's been finished for months actually but I never uploaded it because I wasn't quite happy with it... but now I just want ...

Rhaegar & Lyanna | You've got into my bloodstream (6x10)
Загружен 28 июня 2016
HD is your friend! So yeah, I know I'm on hiatus, and this kinda looks like I'm breaking it, but I already explained in my hiatus video that if something extraordinary ...

Rhaegar & Lyanna || The Truth
Загружен 7 ноября 2018
A Game of thrones Tribute, Rhaegar And Lyanna Tribute, Rhaegar Targaryen And Lyanna Stark Tribute All scenes belong to Hbo, May contain spoilers* Watch ...

Game of Thrones || Rhaegar & Lyanna
Загружен 14 октября 2014
I always wanted to make this :D I swear on that theory! Really since the first Book. Please George Martin, let this happen! And Maker of Game of Thrones, please ... ...

{ take me to church... } Rhaegar & Lyanna
Загружен 17 января 2015
Tragic story about prince Rhaegar Targaryen and lady Lyanna Stark. I added the theories that Jon Snow is their son. I think it's possible. Ok, so... cast: Rhaegar ...

Rhaegar & Lyanna ► Darkness
Загружен 7 июня 2015
"I never imagined that I'd have to make a choice between life and death." » note: I promised a Robert's Rebellion video long ago, and finally it's here. I literally ... ...

Jon/Daenerys and Rhaegar/Lyanna - The Dragon and the Wolf HD
Загружен 5 сентября 2017
Hi everyone!!! I upload my new video. I thank everyone for their support and suggestions. This is my new video. I want to tell a story about a dragon and awolf. ...

» rhaegar & lyanna | "he loved her,and she loved him".ღ
Загружен 28 августа 2017
scroll down to see voiceovers. three got vids in just one day. i'm a dragon guys. (i just feel so inspired,i loved this episode).♡ VOICEOVERS: R&L:"i am his/hers ...

Lyanna & Robert (+ Rhaegar ) - Moondust
Загружен 13 августа 2015
I love the R+L=J, It can't be another way! DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the material used in this video. No copyright infringement was intended in the making ...

Game of Thrones 7x07 - Rhaegar and Lyanna's wedding AND Jon and Daenerys love scene
Загружен 28 августа 2017
With English subtitles. Please watch in HD. Ice and Fire moments ;) Jon Snow's real name is Aegon Targaryen.

Lyanna & Rhaegar {Game Of Thrones}
Загружен 26 июня 2015
{MUSIC} the irrepressibles- in this shirt [https://

lyanna stark ( + rhaegar ) || we were born to die
Загружен 21 марта 2015
This is my second video about Lyanna and Rhaegar. I still believe that this two truly love each other, but what really happend... only Martin knows. Who's image I ...

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