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Cortex Command: Man vs. Bot
Загружен 18 ноября 2015
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Cortex Command - Campaign Pt.1 - Introduction
Загружен 4 июля 2015
Here's another little indie game I've been wanting to do a Let's Play series on for a while: Cortex Command! Cortex Command features a unique blend of 2D ...

Cortex Command★Прохождение►серия 001►Разворачиваю оборону обзор на русском летсплей
Загружен 8 февраля 2017
Cortex Command☆Прохождение▻серия 001▻Разворачиваю оборону Cortex Command – игра жанра экшин с элементами стратегии,...

IT'S RAINING CLONE TROOPERS! Cortex Command Battlefront 2 Rematch!
Загружен 17 ноября 2017
Star Wars Stormtroopers versus Clone Troopers! Which side would win in a fight? More importantly, let's rain clones from the sky! More Cortex Command Series ...

Cortex Command - Great War Campaign Pt.1 - Blitzkreig
Загружен 3 ноября 2015
Here's another little indie game I've been wanting to do a Let's Play series on for a while: Cortex Command! Cortex Command features a unique blend of 2D ...

Гениальная игровая физика Cortex Command
Загружен 4 октября 2012
После долгих лет разработки она наконец то вышла ! Группа вконтакте

Cortex Command Mods - Zombie Survival
Загружен 13 мая 2015
A mod highlight! I came across this on the workshop and had to share it with you all! A simple zombie survival game mode in Cortex Command, what could be ... ...

Cortex Command Highlight Compilation
Загружен 21 ноября 2014
Since I've been sick and unable to record new stuff, I figured it'd be fun to make something out of all my non-series CC videos so far. If you like it, ...

Cortex Command Tiberium Life Cycle#1
Загружен 5 июня 2018
slowly watch as tiberium consumes a GDI outpost and then watch as a rescue party tries to clean up the tiberium. I apologize for the slow frame rate at the end ...

Cortex Command - Wielka Armia Republiki [Full HD]
Загружен 29 августа 2016
Wielka Armia Republiki, czyli czas na mały "gameplay" z moda dodającego jedną z moich ulubionych frakcji sci-fci jak i okresu Gwiezdnych Wojen, czyli właśnie ...

Загружен 26 июня 2018
Cortex Command is a squad based real time strategy game that has you playing as squads of varying units while protecting your brain from bad guys. It also has ...

Let's Play Cortex Command - Episode 1 (Base of Building)
Загружен 19 января 2012
New LP of a game that is part Worms, and part tower defense. Lots of explosions and crazy deaths with rag dolled bodies flying. Fun times for the whole family.

Nod's Tiberium Warfare! Cortex Command Part 37 | Neos Plays
Загружен 2 мая 2015
By popular demand, the Brotherhood of Nod has decided to launch an all-out attack on GDI using tiberium warfare! Mods Used: Global Defense Initiative: ...

Cortex Command Madness!
Загружен 9 февраля 2018
A new battle has begun! One filled with madness! Explosions! And me being a complete dork! It's time to have some more crazy CC fun! This may *technically* ...

The Cortex Command A.I. only challenge! (200th Episode!)
Загружен 11 мая 2018
Just how stupid is the A.I. of Cortex Command? Is it possible to win by only giving orders? People keep asking me to try, so let's find out! The Cortex Command ...

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