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Raspberry Pi with RetroPie & EmulationStation

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Pardon the context, this was shot specifically for a friend. But I thought others may want to see how EmulationStation and RetroPie looks and works, so I made this public. For the best instructions on how to set up your own Pi, check out instructions here: https:///RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki More Details: - Model B+ (I have a Raspberry Pi 2 as well, it gives a little boost in performance) - I recommend you get the newest model when possible (Pi3 as of writing) - Works with 2+ controllers - No sound in this video, that's because there are no speakers hooked up to my monitor. If you hook this up to your tv via the HDMI, you'll hear all the bleep bloops. - Started with the RetroPie image (i think v2.3) - All roms need to be added manually (easiest way is FTP) - All rom info needs to be either scraped or added manually (a big, but fun timesuck) - I've since added Final Burn Alpha (NeoGeo and Arcade), GameBoy and GameBoy Color Metadata Resources: - Game Data: --

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