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Genius Monkey - Programmatic Advertising Explained

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Programmatic Advertising Explained By Genius Monkey Back in the day, marketers purchased blocks of impressions right from the publishers. They reached a lot of people, but not necessarily the folks who were looking for what was being sold. There were several advertising dollars that were spent on ads that never reached the people who would most benefit from seeing them. Thanks to programmatic advances, along with genius Monkey’s proprietary software and advanced technology, the whole system of buying ad time has changed drastically and we can automate and optimize on the fly the whole buying process. Using all of the top behavioral databases layered together, we learn the online behaviors, demographics, location, devices and other information about potential consumers, thereby creating an effective target audience. Simply put, we know how to locate and reach out to the consumers that are looking for just what you are selling. As an example, let’s say that a startup company called Candid Dash Cams wants to sell cameras to cautious drivers. They need to let the world know about their business, and call Genius Monkey, who instantly goes to work doing what we do best. In the meantime, Barbara wants to buy a dashboard camera for her VW Beetle, so she begins to research “dash cams” using her laptop computer. The anonymous data, or “cookies” send off a message to the DSP, or demand side platform, and that is where the ad buying takes place. An Auction is initiated to place an ad impression in front of Barbara. Companies like Candid Dash Cams bid, based on how close Barbara comes to matching their criteria for being a “targeted customer.” Now, this is where the programmatic ecosystem comes into play … Hundreds of Demand Side Platforms and Supply Side Platforms begin bidding, and the best bid wins. It becomes very evident that there are a whole lot of “Barbaras” out there looking for dash cams. Because Candid Dash Cam and Genius Monkey strategically placed the winning bid, almost instantly Barbara sees the dash cam ad appear right next to the article she is reading. The ad catches Barbara’s attention, and she clicks. This process happens millions of times per second. That is the Genius Monkey programmatic process in a nutshell. We like to make complex problems solvable and easy to understand. We do this by always partnering with the best programmatic partners and outlets to create solutions to the marketing needs of each of our Genius Monkey customers, and to enhance the relevance and value of every ad placed.

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