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The Clockwork Lounge - 'Saturday'. Demo version. (Wigan band)

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The Clockwork Lounge: 'Saturday'. Demo version. From an original three-track demo tape. The song was written by the bass player and the vocalist. This is a demo version of 'Saturday' by The Clockwork Lounge, which was recorded using the band's own home-recording equipment. The band had three members and on this recording ('Saturday') it consisted of: - drums / percussion instruments - bass guitar / electric guitars / keyboards / backing vocals - lead vocals / electric guitars / backing vocals. The three members of the band 'The Clockwork Lounge' were fully in charge of sound engineering, production, arrangement et al. All instruments on this recording were played by the three band members. The song was written about the humdrum existence of life in an English northern town and life in most working-class towns of Britain for many people and that once-a-week escapism during those periods of despair and disillusionment. The song and lyrics focus on realistic issues such as: negative social changes caused by the governing bodies, the demolition of factories, closures of industries, meaningless youth training schemes, phasing out of apprenticeships, dead-end jobs, unemployment, working-class bewilderment regarding incredulous government officials,... The song was written in a time of political and social turmoil - an 'everlasting' moment of discontent; so it seemed! +++++

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