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Don't Starve: Up And Away - Episode 29 - (Storm Cellar)

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Store... EVERYTHING ======================================= Subscribe For Daily Videos: (LIVE Mon-Wed, 9PM PST) Twitter: (ง •̀_•́) งBecome a Mablin Today! (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง The Mabfather demands it! (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง ======================================= "Up and Away" is the current title of a large collaborative mod for Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve. It sets to add a multitude of new content to Don't Starve, including, but not limited to, a new world type, new monsters, new structures, new fauna, and whatever else happens to end up in the final version of the mod. The Reign of Giants is a Don't Starve DLC for the following systems: PC, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4 but at a later date. It is revealed that the expansion will include new cycles, creatures, characters, craftables as well as biomes. All the new additions will compose well with the existing content adding variety and complexity to the upper overworld thus generating more diverse, demanding survival scenarios. A semi-open early beta testing has begun, and copies of the DLC have been distributed via the official Klei Entertainment Forums. There are currently five trailers released for this DLC, four of which are season-themed and the fifth is an update trailer. TRAILERS: Autumn This trailer starts off with the Don't Starve logo, and the stomping sounds of a large creature (Bearger). Autumn leaves then begin to fall, a leaf then passes over the logo, and the new logo for the DLC is shown. The screen then lifts, showing the face of a large, unseen monster, it claws at the screen, and the words: COMING SOON are shown. Winter This trailer shows off the Don't Starve logo, then a hand (likely Deerclops') that touches the logo turning it to ice, which shatters (this is referring to the new freezing power Deerclops has) revealing the DLC logo. The camera then closes up on the G, showing the unreleased character Webber, running away from Deerclops in the snow; the screen then zooms out from another G in the words: COMING SOON. Spring This trailer shows the Don't Starve logo during a rainstorm, which is promptly stomped by an unknown foot leaving the Reign of Giants DLC logo. Shortly after, an egg rolls across the screen (which if looked at closely, most likely is a Moose egg because of the embryo ) and is struck by lightning highlighting a mysterious silhouette - the egg than cracks, but is empty, revealing only the words, "Coming Soon". Summer This trailer starts off with the Don't Starve logo, which, not shortly, smolders burns up into fire, turning into the Reign of Giants logo. A buzzing noise is heard, and a pair of eyes belonging to a large insect (most likely a Dragonfly) appears and hovers around. Then the insect breathes fire, revealing its face for a short second, and then the words "Coming Soon!" are seen with the Wathgrithr Hat.

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