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Chocolate Eclairs | Best Homemade Eclair Recipe

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Your friends and family are gonna go nuts when they get to gobble one of these cream-filled, chocolate-topped homemade eclairs. 1. Ingredients for Choux Pastry. (a) Salted butter : 50 gms (b) Water : 150 ml (c) Maida : 80 gms (d) Eggs : 2 Nos (e) Vanilla essence : 1 tsp (f) Whipped cream : 200 gm (g) Icing sugar : 4 tbsp (h) Chocolate glace icing : 100 gms 2. Method of Preparation(step by step). (a) Put butter, water, vanilla essence, cook until butter melts. Now add maida slowly beat with a wooden spoon until mixture forms a ball & leaves the side of the vessel. (b) Cool the mixture. (c) Beat in the eggs one at a time beat vigorously till it is properly blended in choux pastry. (d) Put choux pastry in a piping bag fitted with 20mm plain nozzle. (e) Greese a baking tray and pipe it in length or round balls. (f) Bake in a hot oven for 25 mins until crisp on upper side. (g) Slit open with scissors or knife. (h) Fill it with whipped cream & cover it with chocolate glace icing.

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