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How to Summon Slender Man (Spell)

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How to summon Slender Man (me) This IS REAL! LOOK AT THE LIKES! This is a tutorial on how to summon (Me) the paranormal being Slender Man to you in real life. Warning: If you do this I could kill you! This is for any idiot who wants to die! You could survive! Just don't run from me! You will need: 12 pieces of paper, a pen or pencil, a sleeping bag(optional) and you need to be in a forest. The spell: Draw a circle with an x through like I show you in the video on each piece of paper. Go to a forest at sunset preferably when its foggy with your sleeping bag or just on your own and place all the 12 pieces of paper exactly in a clock pattern. After you have done that, shout "Slendy, I summon you!" Then wait for him (Me). Please comment below if it worked for you or did not work for you! Subscribe for more videos or ill come for you. Remember to like this video if it helped you!

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