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Yamaha XT 250 & XT 225 "Serow" Ride & Review o#o

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The Yamaha XT 225 "Serow" and XT 250 are definitely not your rally-bike wannabe braap-machines, but they're also not the powerless put-puts that some make them out to be. They're meant to be utilitarian trail bikes, but could their greatest strengths in the trails also their greatest weaknesses? They're not suspended or powerful enough for motocross or any kind of racing, and they're not comfortable or road-ready enough for adventure touring, so what good are they? Well, for trails, they might just be the most laid back, drama-free, and fun bike you could ever throw a leg over!! Thanks so much for the footage, lodging and rides! Colorado Dual Sport: https://(Rocky Mountain ATV MC) (use coupon code everide) +Nomad Rider Tank Bag

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