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Fan Art + New Song "Popular" (Gigi & the DruidboyZ)

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Free Song Download here: (x4) I'll help you be popular (x4) [Gigi] Thats what everybody wants deep inside? the center of attention- an extraordinary prize? when everybody knows your name you're feeling such a high cuz now you pitch thats what you wish - Its all your enterprise you're the king if you can make it and then everybody bows before your throne, you sit alone and watch them give their wows but from your seat your incomplete, you're missing something.. how? you've always dreamed and so it seemed that this would be your crown- to happiness' reminisces, ultra snappy recognition, watch'u callin' all these blisses? money, fame & fan fueled kisses everyday an exhibition, nothing like your intuition feeding at your raw rendition leading to your deposition and you'll drop if you stop not as easy as you thought pressure builds the more they watch is this what you thought you want? maybe so, maybe not don't let go this passing shot everybody wants your spot so let that be some food for thought [Hook] Popular You're gonna be popular (x4) I'll help you be popular (x4) [Nation] yea, seeing children in the hood having dreams of living big So they copycat these rappers that selling out for a gig The world is going gangster again- or was it gangster before? I don't think I really know anymore I hear them talking about their life in the struggle who hasn't been there? Following a path thats leading exactly nowhere I know somebody was a victim of the hustle chasing dollars cuz it makes sense dudes flexing muscle He's known to be the toughest on the block see him flashing & them kids is on the sideline plottin just to knock him Its a fair trade take your life for the blood money the fast life is calling his name, don't run from me remember elders telling me it's either jail or death so I wasn't wasting my breath rapping for street rep I know it's different for everybody, but what's left? Once you have money, power, respect- best protect your neck [Hook] Popular You're gonna be popular (x4) I'll help you be popular (x4) [Demineon] This is a popular alert tryin' to avert your attention hence the hook on the song & the big names Whats fame if it aint about bling? They all want money just to show up it seems Got them new shoes, best out diamond cut wrist watch gold chains, platinum rings my fitted got silver in it lift it up, hair cut costs more then a grand looking fly bitch I got money to spend so until its over all they want to do is follow most popular but living in sorrow case closed they left the door open though So the next poor soul can come & reach the same goal Vicious cycles- never ending nightmare same story, different place every damn day Just saying, best ta buckle up or you get killed being popular [Hook] Popular You're gonna be popular (x4) I'll help you be popular (x4)

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