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David Duke vs Tree of Logic - The "JQ" Debate

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Dislike this video if you thought that David Duke was unhinged and ill-prepared for this debate. This video is for educational purposes only and its purpose is to inform the public about the concerns of Anti-Semitism being spread by white supremacist movements such as the Alt-Right and White Nationalist. The “JQ” which stands for the Jewish Question which is a belief by members of white identitarian movements that the Jewish people are the dominant global force behind the world's Banks, Media Corporations, and Governments, which are believed to be mostly controlled by Jewish leaders. The JQ will be defended by David Duke who will speak on the affirmative. His opposition is Tree from Tree of Logic who will dispute the JQ as fictitious and she will speak from the negative position. Tree believes that the Alt-Right who preach the JQ are playing the “blame game” and use this conspiracy theory to escape accountability. Tree easily debunks the Jewish Conspiracy and David Duke reveals his true colors during the process. DISCLAIMER - This video is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to cause harassment, hatred or bullying of any kind. This video will include a debate about a topic that may be sensitive to some viewers. The owner of this channel (Tree) is a black woman who defends Jewish People and fights against Anti-Semitism. This video is in defense of the Jewish People and why such conspiracy theories against them should be disputed. If you find such a topic offensive in any way, it’s highly recommended that you avoid watching this debate. Viewer discretion is advised. Tree Of Logic Website - https:/// To Donate Via Patreon, MakerSupport and Paypal - https:///donationpage.htm Join The Tree House - https:///Join_Page.htm Sign up for my Newsletter - https://

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