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The Clockwork Lounge - 'Don't Walk Away'. Demo version. (Wigan band)

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The Clockwork Lounge: 'Don't Walk Away'. Demo version. From an original demo tape. The song was written by the bass player and the vocalist. This is an early demo version of 'Don't Walk Away' by The Clockwork Lounge, which was recorded using the band's own home-recording equipment. The band had three members and on this recording ('Don't Walk Away') it consisted of: - drums / backing vocals - bass guitar / keyboards / synthesizers / backing vocals - guitar / backing vocals / vocals. The three members of the band 'The Clockwork Lounge' were fully in charge of sound engineering, production, arrangement et al. All instruments on this recording were played by the band (The Clockwork Lounge). The songwriting team of two: bass/keyboard player and guitarist/vocalist bounced ideas of each other in an extremely creative and productive way. Regularly, the two were compared to Lennon and McCartney - eventhough they were different songwriters in a very different decade. A songwriting duo identified as having many similarities to the famous songwriting duo of the 1960s: two musicians from different parts of the town and from different backgrounds, very different in looks and personality, different playing techniques, different influences and many different tastes in music - as different as 'chalk and cheese' or 'salt and pepper'', yet a perfect combination and one which complements the other. And! The essential one thing in common: to be in a band playing and writing music. +++++

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