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Hidden Agenda - Get Simon to Surrender

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➜ Welcome to Kojack’s Good, Bad, Ugly Series: In this series I explore choices based games different choices through the morality of what’s good, bad or sometimes even ugly decisions. Hidden Agenda is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. The player takes control of homicide detective Becky Marnie and district attorney Felicity Graves, both of whom are involved in the case of a serial killer known as The Trapper. The game features quick time events that determine the outcome of the story, including a character's death or survival. With the PlayLink feature, others may join the game to vote for a specific decision to be made, using their Android or iOS smartphones. One player will at some point receive a secret objective, or Hidden Agenda, which is intended to create conflict between the players as they try to prevent it from happening. If you enjoy games like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Until Dawn, Hidden Agenda, Life Is Strange, Telltales Walking Dead, Minecraft, Wolf Among Us & Tales From Borderland then you’ll enjoy my playthroughs of complex moral driven narrative games. GBU Review: I review my many playthroughs as well as other youtubers playthrough to give in depth theory on the characters, stories and choices. Good: I try my best to minimize any damage to family and friends Bad: I try my best to be a duche not always possible but very funny to see when it happens Ugly: In this choice I let time run out on my time options and see what havok I bring. I do have to make some choices but overall I let time choose for me. This is sometime referred to as Silent Choices. ➜ Join our Community! ➜ Battlenet: KoJack ➜ Xbox 1: KoJacKX8 ➜ PSN: Xlr8games Watch & Subscribe Here: ➜ (Must Download Discord First) Discord: https://discord.gg/axm7BGy/Team Xtreme Code: axm7BGy ➜ If you want to support this channel, please do not use adBlock. I would appreciate that! If you truly want an Ad-Free YouTube experience with other perks while still supporting YouTubers, check out YouTube Red: ➜ https://

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