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Armaggeddon Wireless Mikoyan FOXBAT-III IRONSIGHT-7 Review

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Sorry for the hiatus, I was overseas for a project for a few months and I am back now. Anybody miss me? No? #okaygirl On a side note, MYR has depreciated so much. Any sponsors for us to get new toys? 1:06 Unboxing 1:20 Physical appearance (size, print, dimention) 2:09 Buttons 2:22 Driver () 2:34 Home base tab (IRONSIGHT-7 vs KEVLAR-13 print) 2:47 Profiles tab 2:56 Button setting (complete button assignment list: ) 3:11 Combo keys and Keyboard keys and Mouse click 4:11 Advance setting Vertical scroll speed (mouse wheel) Window Pointer Speed Window Pointer Visibility 4:36 Price Announcement: Welcome to the second season of Dygadget. If you have not realize, we had a trailer up earlier to tease what is coming next https://youtu.be/X22bd1R5bI4. Remember to Like D, Share D and subscribe D. Previous Episode: Wiko Jerry Review (https://youtu.be/wvDewxZGBUQ) Next Episode: Amaggeddon Swiftspectra AK-333s Review (https://youtu.be/yrjFkkuecwA) Visit us: Blog:

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