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Chime - MEME «FlipaClip» (WIP)

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I hope you guys like it! It is still a WIP, so ye. I love this meme so much so I tried doing it. Also sorry for not uploading a lot of the time. And I'll try to get the time right, don't worry. I was also going for the "no outline" Cuz' it's like part of what you have to do in the meme. Idk really lmao I hope you like it tho! Thank you for watching! ฅ='ω'=ฅ (Also no outro, sorry.) Original by SoxzTheWolf: https://youtu.be/9xpS-xTJkAU Programs used: FlipaClip - Animating VideoShow - Editing Find me on: YouTube: https://(just my profile name! Find me!)

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