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Starship III by Armaggeddon

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Armaggeddon's latest range of RGB gaming gear is led by the most comprehensive laser engine gaming mouse with a full spectrum of colours and features to fit any gamers wants and needs. The ergonomic right-handed built is catered for long hours of usage comfort and has been greatly improved based on feedback from our gamers. A general reduction in size and the inclusion of a weight management system were some of the requisites presented to us by our team and on top of that we've incorporated a total of 9 buttons and a 2-way click scroll so that proud owners of the Starship III can save up to 12 macros in 5 different profiles on its onboard memory. It's just like us to be slightly overkill so we've maxed out the Avago 9800 engine to its full potential at 8200CPI, knowing very well not everyone will use it at max speed, but we like doing it just cause we can. =D (And well, for the select few with enough talent to master the 8200CPI) No weird frills and gimmicks. Just simple OMRON Japanese switches, proven over the decades to be simply the best, and good-old Teflon mice feet. Priced as low as possible so that as many gamers as possible can afford it, because our aim this year, is to level the competitive gaming arena through equipping every gamer with the best available technology. We're tired of the money game. We want the gaming arena to grow and this is our way of making it happen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE and keep up to date with Armaggeddon! Check out our site and Facebook.

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